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the short term changes in the air for a given place of time


a regions average weather conditions over a long period of time

prevailing winds

winds that blow in the same direction over earth

ocean currents

large streams of surface water


the place where two air masses of different temperatures or moisture content meet


an area of tall grasses and scattered trees and shrubs


a seasonal wind that brings either dry or moist air


a semidry grassland or prairie


permanently frozen layer of soil


the land, water, climate, plants, and the animals of the area; surroundings


a group of plants and animals that depend on each other for survival, and the environment in which they live


the place where plants and animals live


to die out; no longer alive


decayed plant and animals; it helps soil support abundant plant life


the spread of desertlike conditions

natural resources

any material in nature that people use and value

renewable resources

a resource that earth replaces naturally

nonrenewable resources

a resource that cannot be replaced naturally


the clearing of trees


planting trees to replace lost forestland

fossil fuels

nonrenewable resources that formed from remains of ancient plants and animals

hydroelectric power

the production of electricity from water power such as running water

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