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formed when erosion causes the rock supporting an arch to collapse ability of future generations to meet their own needs

why does air rise?


what does off shore system predict?

not rain


condition of the atmosphere at a particular

rocky platform

formed by wave action eroding a cliff, leaving a platform of rock behind

what does an advancing coast make?

sand dunes

On a contour map what does v shaped lines highest at the center mean?

a spur


a spit joining two land areas


the distance over which the wind has blown waves

why do storms occur?

because ocean surfaces are sucked upwards by the low pressure system area under the eye of the storm


a ridge of sand on a beach


a stream that has tumbled over a resistant band of hard rock

how do winds rotate in low pressure systems?

clockwise and inwards

What is another name for a billabong?

ox-bow lakes


formed when caves on either side of a headland are eroded further and join up to form one opening

What are v- shaped valleys caused by?

high energy streams cutting down into land

On a contour map what does circular lines within circles mean?

a conical hill

wave-cut notch

a hollow eroded by the impact of waves at the foot of a cliff

global warming

the observable trend of rising world temperatures over the past century, particularly marked in the last couple of decades

What is the bottom of a waterfall called?

plunge pool


a hollow formed when weak rocks on a headland are eroded

when air rises why happens to the humidity?

humidity increases

What is another name for a water fall?


what causes low pressure?

rising air


are isolated river bends where a meander has doubled so far back on itself that it cuts right through to pass-by the meander bend


large areas of flat land usually with a meandering stream system on it , where floods have deposited mud and silt

what does a decreasing coast make?


why doesn't a high pressure system always make fine weather?

because it might create on shore winds


a crack or fracture in the Earth's crust with movement occurring on each side


when rock fragments grind each other down into smaller and smoother pebbles, and eventually into sand which it then deposited into the beach

what is the air that moves from the sea to the land called?



a steep, rocky slope formed by waves eroding the rock face

how do winds rotate in high pressure systems?

anticlockwise and outwards

what is the air that moves from the land to the sea called?


when the wind starts moving loose sand what does it form?

blow outs

climatic zones

areas that experience the same weather and climate patterns, with similar distribution patterns of temperature and precipitation

Why does hail fall?

because the water droplets freeze in the cloud

what's another name for a weather map?

synoptic chart

buffer zone

stable and well vegetated dunes that are barrier to erosive waves.


the lines joining places of equal air pressure in a weather map


movements which affect the features of the Earth's crust


stream that cuts a very narrow and steep- sided valley that is also deep

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