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This set is designed for G3 students to review the characters they should master at the beginning of G3.

yī - one

èr - two

sì - four

wǔ - five

liù - six

qī - seven

bā - eight

jiǔ - nine

shí - ten

rén - person

dà - big

xiǎo - small, little

kǒu - mouth

shān - mountain

shuǐ - water

rì - day; the sun

yuè - month; the moon

huǒ - fire


zǎo - morning, early

zhōng - centre, middle

xià under / second (of two parts) / next (week, etc.) / lower / below / underneath / down(wards) / to decline / to go down / latter

shēng to be born / to give birth / life / to grow

jǐ how much / how many / several / a few

suì - year of age

wǒ - I, me

gè (a measure word) / individual

tóu - head

mù - eye


ěr duo - ear

shǒu - hand

yǒu - to have, there is/are


zuǐ ba - mouth

yáng - sheep

yú - fish

mǎ - horse

tiān - day

guǒ - fruit


tǔ dòu- potato


xī guā - watermelon



shū bāo- schoolbag

dāo - knife

chē - car, vehicle

zài - [indicates an action in progress]; at, in, on

zuò - to sit

qù - to go

fēi - to fly

yǔ - rain


bù - not

huā - flower

nán - male

nǚ - female


shén me - what

nǐ - you (singular)

hé - and


míngzi - name

sè - color

yá • tooth


fà hair

cháng - long

bái - white


niǎo - bird

tù - rabbit

lóng - dragon

lǎo - old

zǒu - to go, to walk (physically)

lǐ - inside

ma • (a particle used for questions expecting yes-no answer)

měi - every


kělè - cola


guǒzhī - juice


Chǐzi - Ruler

wén • written language

diǎn - o'clock; dot

tóng - same, together

gōng - work

diàn - electricity

zhè - this

huí - to return

xīng - star

lái - to come

hǎo - good

guān-to close

jiàn • to see

mén • door

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