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  1. characteristics of microorganism
  2. amoeba & paramecium
  3. microorganisms
  4. pathogen
  5. portal of exit (also vehicle)
  1. a 2 protozoa species found; they take in food & excrete waste
  2. b airborne, direct contact, contaminated food or water, vector
  3. c need water or moisture to grow; has motion...ability to move from place to place
  4. d can reproduce or replicate
  5. e infectious disease; first step in chain of infection

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  1. part of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins
  2. microorganisms can be identified by:
  3. plasmodium malarieae & trichomona vaginalis
  4. have spores for protection
  5. how to break chain in step 4: vehicle

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  1. sugarrarely cause human disease


  2. virusesmicroorganisms smaller than bacteria


  3. eukaryotefungi is in __ cell family


  4. vaccination or immunizationrod shaped


  5. keep skin clean, moisturized, cover draining or open wounds, perform sterile or clean techniqueshand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage