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  1. species
  2. prokaryotes consist of 3 regions:
  3. prokaryotes
  4. protect & clean areas that may be a portal
  5. Sensitivity Report
  1. a cell envelope, appendages, cytoplasmic region
  2. b defines a biologically unique category and is the second name
  3. c how to break chain in step 3: poral of exit
  4. d to avoid cell growth, keep environment cold and wounds dry
  5. e shows results of C & S test; shows affects of antibiotics

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  1. found on sunlit water, appearing as green scum, important part of environmental food chain. resembles plant cells.
  2. a bacteria infection; must get vaccination every 10 years
  3. single celled; parent cells produce daugher cells by mitosis
  4. layer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane
  5. causes athlete's foot

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  1. mycologystudy of fungi


  2. cell envelopelayer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane


  3. algaeyeasts use __ as its food source


  4. moldsmulticelled, distinctive odor, has spores


  5. treat underlying conditions, nutrl support, keep pt hydrated, immunizations, practice infection control,educate pts on antibiotic usehand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage