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  1. vaccination or immunization
  2. eucaryon
  3. mycology
  4. microbiology is important to nurses because:
  5. anti-virul
  1. a has true nucleus; contains chromosomes and reproduces by mitosis
  2. b you can not give antibiotics for a virus, you must give:
  3. c to break chain of transmission & prevention of infection
  4. d study of fungi
  5. e best form of treatment for a virus

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  1. is the structure that allows a stain to be retained or not.
  2. hand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage
  3. vectors, inanimate objects serve as :
  4. doesn't retain color...turns pink
  5. minute living cells not visible to the naked eye; so small must be seen with microscope.

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  1. 2 common infections due to protozoa:candida albicans, tinea corporis, tinea pedis


  2. 2 common infections due to mold:coccidioidmycosis and histoplasmosis (both affect the lungs)


  3. cleaning, hand washing, sterilization, use proper sterile techniques, disinfectanthow to break chain in step 2: reservoir


  4. virusesattach to DNA


  5. bacillus (bacilli)rod shaped