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  1. bacteria
  2. micro-organism
  3. genus
  4. portal of exit (also vehicle)
  5. viruses
  1. a airborne, direct contact, contaminated food or water, vector
  2. b general grouping...listed first.
  3. c microorganisms smaller than bacteria
  4. d prokaryote; single celled; does not have true nucleus, can live in harsh conditions; identified thru gram staining.
  5. e similar in structure to living animal or plants

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  1. hand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage
  2. part of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins
  3. is the structure that allows a stain to be retained or not.
  4. how to break chain in step 3: poral of exit
  5. rarely cause human disease

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  1. mycologyinfection caused by fungi


  2. antibiotic or antiinflammatorytake C&S test before __ and __ is given to pt. (will alter results)


  3. trichomona vaginalishave spores for protection


  4. coccus (cocci)rod shaped


  5. staph, TB, and pseudomonas aeruginosaother common bacterias: