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  1. use bug spray; disinfectants for cleaning
  2. endotoxins
  3. characteristics of microorganism
  4. how can nurses reduce their risk for acquiring & transmitting infection:
  5. anti-virul
  1. a need water or moisture to grow; has motion...ability to move from place to place
  2. b washing hands, wearing gloves, gowns, masks; do not recap or break needles, clean equipment properly
  3. c you can not give antibiotics for a virus, you must give:
  4. d part of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins
  5. e how to break chain in step 4: vehicle

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  1. round or spherical shape
  2. yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  3. coccidioidmycosis and histoplasmosis (both affect the lungs)
  4. 3 shapes of bacteria
  5. candida albicans, tinea corporis, tinea pedis

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  1. culture & sensitivitysome micro organisms cause infection; what is ordered when infection is suspected or known.


  2. shape, length or arrangementpathogen, reservoir, poral of exit, vehicle, portal of entry, host


  3. sugaryeasts use __ as its food source


  4. micro-organismsimilar in structure to living animal or plants


  5. how are infectious diseases categorized:coccidioidmycosis and histoplasmosis (both affect the lungs)


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