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  1. antibiotic or antiinflammatory
  2. genus
  3. trichomona vaginalis
  4. budding
  5. molds
  1. a yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  2. b general grouping...listed first.
  3. c multicelled, distinctive odor, has spores
  4. d take C&S test before __ and __ is given to pt. (will alter results)
  5. e has distinct odor; partner must be treated as well

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  1. minute living cells not visible to the naked eye; so small must be seen with microscope.
  2. need water or moisture to grow; has motion...ability to move from place to place
  3. layer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane
  4. part of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins
  5. how to break chain in step 4: vehicle

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  1. coccus (cocci)round or spherical shape


  2. toxinscause harmful effects by traveling thru circulatory system to damage other body cells


  3. prokaryotesfungi is in __ cell family


  4. spirillum (spirilla)spiral shaped


  5. speciesattach to DNA


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