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  1. treat underlying conditions, nutrl support, keep pt hydrated, immunizations, practice infection control,educate pts on antibiotic use
  2. diplo, staph, strepto
  3. flagella
  4. staph
  5. cytoplasm
  1. a bacterial cells contain a large round module of DNA floating free within the:
  2. b how to break chain in step 6: host
  3. c 3 arrangements (length) of bacteria
  4. d appendages that allow cell ability to move
  5. e clusters

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  1. how to break chain in step 4: vehicle
  2. layer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane
  3. hand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage
  4. has nucleus; but no nucleus membrane; have DNA unbound
  5. single celled; parent cells produce daugher cells by mitosis

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  1. prokaryotescan survive harsh environmental conditions; found independently or in groups


  2. tinea corporiscauses athlete's foot


  3. 3 things shown by C&S test:a. identifies mibrobes b. determine treatment c. monitor response to treatment


  4. bacillus (bacilli)is the structure that allows a stain to be retained or not.


  5. virusesinfection caused by fungi