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  1. diplo, staph, strepto
  2. reservoir
  3. trichomona vaginalis
  4. how can nurses reduce their risk for acquiring & transmitting infection:
  5. treat underlying conditions, nutrl support, keep pt hydrated, immunizations, practice infection control,educate pts on antibiotic use
  1. a vectors, inanimate objects serve as :
  2. b 3 arrangements (length) of bacteria
  3. c how to break chain in step 6: host
  4. d has distinct odor; partner must be treated as well
  5. e washing hands, wearing gloves, gowns, masks; do not recap or break needles, clean equipment properly

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  1. 2 protozoa species found; they take in food & excrete waste
  2. algae, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, viruses
  3. yeasts use __ as its food source
  4. minute living cells not visible to the naked eye; so small must be seen with microscope.
  5. you can not give antibiotics for a virus, you must give:

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  1. portal of exit (also vehicle)airborne, direct contact, contaminated food or water, vector


  2. gram positivedoesn't retain color...turns pink


  3. genusmulticelled, distinctive odor, has spores


  4. staph, TB, and pseudomonas aeruginosacell envelope, appendages, cytoplasmic region


  5. culture & sensitivitymicroorganisms can be identified by: