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  1. budding
  2. follow treatment guidelines
  3. host
  4. cell envelope
  5. protect & clean areas that may be a portal
  1. a is the structure that allows a stain to be retained or not.
  2. b yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  3. c how to break chain in step 3: poral of exit
  4. d how to break chain in step 1: pathogen
  5. e person immunosurpressed; has pt had surgery(open wound or insition), past medical history

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  1. causes ringworm
  2. 2 protozoa species found; they take in food & excrete waste
  3. microorganisms are categorized into two groups:
  4. shows results of C & S test; shows affects of antibiotics
  5. layer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane

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  1. coccus (cocci)vectors, inanimate objects serve as :


  2. trichomona vaginalissimilar in structure to living animal or plants


  3. reservoirvectors, inanimate objects serve as :


  4. pathogenic microorganismsalgae, fungi, protozoa, bacteria, viruses


  5. virusesdefines a biologically unique category and is the second name