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VOCAB 2015-2016


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Abdicate (1)
(vt or vi) to give up a position, usually one of leadership
Forum (1)
(noun) a medium for lecture or discussion
Hegemony (1)
(noun) cultural domination over others
Hierarchy (1)
(noun) a system with ranked groups, usually according to social, economic, or professional class
Usurp (1)
(vt or vi) to seize by force, take possession of without right
Boisterous (2)
(adj) loud and full of energy
Cacophony (2)
(noun) a tremendous noise, disharmonious sound (cacophonous-adj)
Aesthetic (2)
(adj) artistic, related to the appreciation of beauty (aesthetics-noun)
Cadence (2)
(noun) a rhythm, a progression of sound
Clamor (2)
:(noun) loud noise
:(vi) to loudly insist
Adverse (3)
(adj) antagonistic, unfavorable, dangerous (refers to SITUATIONS)
Brusque (3)
(adj) short, abrupt, dismissive (refers to PEOPLE)
Cunning (3)
(adj) sly, clever at being deceitful
Contentious (3)
(adj) having a tendency to quarrel or dispute
Umbrage (3)
(n) resentment, offense
Abrogate (4)
(vt) to abolish, usually by authority
Abscond (4)
(vi) to sneak away and hide (used with WITH)
Dissipate (4)
(vt or vi) to disappear, cause to disappear (GRADUALLY) (refers to SOMETHING)
(vt) to waste
Efface (4)
(v) to wipe out, obliterate, or rub away
Wane (4)
(vi) to decrease in size (GRADUAL)
Placid (5)
(adj) calm; peaceful
Jubilant (5)
(adj) extremely joyful, happy
Ebullient (5)
(adj) extremely lively; enthusiatic
Sanguine (5)
(adj) optimisitic, cheery
Affable (5)
(adj) friendly, amiable
Acclaim (6)
(noun) high praise
Winsome (6)
(adj) charming, pleasing
Venerable (6)
(adj) deserving of respect because of age or achievement
Utopia (6)
(noun) an imaginary and remote place of perfection
Impeccable (6)
(adj) exemplary, flawless
Metamorphosis (7)
(noun) the change of form, shape, substance
Malleable (7)
(adj) capable of being shaped or transformed
Dynamic (7)
(adj) actively changing
Fickle (7)
(adj) shafting in character, inconstant
Immutable (7)
(adj) not changeable
Aggrandize (8)
(vt) to increase or make greater
Analgesic (8)
(n) something that reduces pain
Corrosive (8)
(adj) having the tendency to erode or eat away
Retract (8)
(vt) to withdraw
Vilify (8)
(vt) to lower in importance; defame
Adorn (9)
(vt) to decorate
Complement (9)
(vt) to complete; make perfect
Embellish (9)
(vt) to decorate; adorn
(vt) to add details to; enhance
Ornate (9)
(adj) highly elaborate, excessively decorated
Palette (9)
(n) a range of colors or qualities
Anarchist (10)
(n) one who wants to eliminate all government
Libertarian (10)
(adj) advocation principles of liberty and free will
(n) one who holds these principles
Partisan (10)
(n) a follower; adherent
(adj) adhering to
Insurgent (10)
(n) one who rebels
(adj) rebelling
Proscribe (10)
(v) to condemn, outlaw
Revel (11)
(iv) to enjoy intensely
Rhapsodize (11)
(iv) to engage in excessive enthusiasm
Scintillating (11)
(adj) sparkling
Vivacious (11)
(adj) lively, sprightly
Zealous (11)
(adj) fervent, filled with the eagerness in pursuit of something
Disgruntled (12)
(adj) upset; not content
Blemish (12)
(n) an imperfection; flaw
Chaos (12)
(n) absolute disorder
Compunction (12)
(n) distress caused by feeling guilty
Confound (12)
(vt) to frustrate, confuse
Auspicious (13)
(adj) favorable, indicative of good things CIRCUMSTANCES
Bombastic (13)
(adj) excessively confident, pompus
Cogent (13)
(adj) intellectually conniving
Candor (13)
(n) the quality of being open and honest, frankness
Poignant (adj)
deeply affecting, moving
Adept (adj)
Extremely skilled
Astute (adj)
Very clever, crafty
Artisan (n)
A craftesman
Diligent (adj)
Showing care in doing ones work
Agile (adj)
Quick, nimble