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  1. uterus
  2. birth defect
  3. very low birth weight
  4. ovary
  5. teratogen
  1. a A physical or neurological problem that occurs prenatally or at birth.
  2. b A substance that crosses the placenta and harms the fetus.
  3. c The pear-shaped muscular organ in a woman's abdomen that houses the developing baby.
  4. d ...
  5. e One of a pair of almond-shaped organs that contain a woman's ova, or eggs.

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  1. A threadlike strand of DNA located in the nucleus of every cell that carries the genes, which transmit hereditary information.
  2. A cluster of birth defects caused by the mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
  3. The time when a body structure is most vulnerable to damage by a teratogen, typically when that organ or process is rapidly developing or coming "on line."
  4. An illness that a child gets by inheriting two copies of the abnormal gene that causes the disorder.
  5. An illness that a child gets by inheriting one copy of the abnormal gene that causes the disorder.

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  1. amniotic sacThe second stage of prenatal development, lasting from week 3 through week 8.


  2. genetic testingA blood test to determine whether a person carries the gene for a given genetic disorder.


  3. proximodistal sequenceThe developmental principle that growth occurs in a sequence from head to toe.


  4. neural tubeA cylindrical structure that forms along the back of the embryo and develops into the brain and spinal cord.


  5. in vitro fertilizationThe union of sperm and egg.