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  1. implantation
  2. amniocentesis
  3. cesarean section
  1. a ...
  2. b The process in which a blastocyst becomes embedded in the uterine wall.
  3. c A second trimester procedure that involves inserting a sy

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  1. The time when a body structure is most vulnerable to damage by a teratogen, typically when that organ or process is rapidly developing or coming "on line."
  2. ...
  3. The hollow sphere of cells formed during the germinal stage in preparation for implantation.
  4. One of a pair of slim pipe-like structures that connect the ovaries with the uterus.
  5. A blood test to determine whether a person carries the gene for a given genetic disorder.

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  1. natural childbirth...


  2. Apgar scale...


  3. proximodistal sequenceThe first 14 days of prenatal development, from fertizliation to full implantation.


  4. ovumOne of a pair of almond-shaped organs that contain a woman's ova, or eggs.


  5. gestationThe moment during a woman's monthly cycle when an ovum is expelled from the ovary.