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  1. age of viability
  2. cervix
  3. developmental disorders
  4. implantation
  5. placenta
  1. a Learning impairments and behavioral problems during infancy and childhood.
  2. b The process in which a blastocyst becomes embedded in the uterine wall.
  3. c The earliest point at which a baby can survive outside the womb.
  4. d The structure projecting from the wall of the uterus during pregnancy through which the developing baby absorbs nutrients.
  5. e The neck, or narrow lower portion, of the uterus.

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  1. A substance that crosses the placenta and harms the fetus.
  2. ...
  3. An illness caused by a single gene.
  4. The developmental principle that growth occurs in a sequence from head to toe.
  5. ...

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  1. gestationThe moment during a woman's monthly cycle when an ovum is expelled from the ovary.


  2. sex-linked single gene disorderAn illness, carried on the mother's X chromosome, that typically leaves the female offspring unaffected but has a fifty-fifty chance of striking each male child.


  3. miscarriage...


  4. geneThe material that makes up genes, which bear our hereditary characteristics.


  5. trimesterOne of the 3 month long segments into which pregnancy is divided.