Human Anatomy: Autonomic Nervous System

What type of nervous system is the ANS?
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What is the preganglionic neurotransmitter for parasympathetic?AcetylcholineWhat is the postganglionic neurotransmitter for parasympathetic?Acetylcholine (is cholinergic)What type of postganglionic fibers does the para sympathetic have?short postganglionic fibers and NO profuse branchingCranial Outflow of the Parasympathetic.from brain stem gray matter to organs of the head, neck, thorax, and most of the abdomenWhat do the preganglionic fibers run alongside?cranial nerves (CN III, VII, IX, X)Sacral Outflow of the Parafrom sacral region of spinal cord gray matter and supplies the rest of the abdomen and pelvic organsVentral Roots and Rami of Paraaxons of preganglionic neurons run within ventral roots and ramiPelvic Splanchnic Nerves of Parabranch from ventral ramiWhich part of the ANS is more complex?sympathetic (innervates more organs)What happens when you are frightened?sweat, hair stands up, blood pressure rises (sym. innervates sweat glands, errector pili muscles, smooth muscles of arteries and veins)Sympathetic Trunk Ganglia22-24 pairs containing motor neuron cell bodies; neck to pelvis; often described as a "string of beads"Prevertebral/Collateral Ganglianot paired, located near abdomen and pelvisSym. pathways can be...complexWhat is the largest and most specialized sympathetic ganglion?Adrenal Medulla (internal portion/region of the adrenal gland); it is composed of a collection of modified ganglionic neurons that lack neuronal processes (axons and dendrites)The adrenal gland is located on the superior aspect of what organ in humans?the kidneysWhat does the Adrenal gland secrete?Norepinephrine (secreted by postganglionic sympathetic fibers) and Epinephrine/Adrenaline (excitatory molecule)the CNS interprets sensory info as being what feelings?hunger, fullness, pain, nausea, well-beingWhat is referred pain?visceral pain perceived as somatic in origin like pain in left arm during heart attackWhat is an example of a reflex arc?Defecation Reflex (stretch and contraction) rectum stretched by feces, smooth muscles of colon/large intestine contract and poop happensWhat are the steps in order for a reflex arc?stimulus to sensory receptor of sensory fiber to dorsal root ganglion to integration center to preganglionic neuron to autonomic ganglion to postganglionic axon to effector organ to responseCerebral Cortex and ANSMeditation and scary experienceAmygdala of Limbic system and ANSEmotionsHypothalamus and ANSIntegration Center of ANSReticular Formation of Brain Stem and ANSCardiac Center (heart rate), Vasomotor Center (blood pressure), and Medullary Respiratory Center (respiration)Spinal Cord and ANSDefecation Reflex (also subject to conscious inhibition from brain)