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  1. Types of car insurance:
  2. Home and contents insurance exclusions
  3. Why bother with travel insurance?
  4. What is a claim?
  5. 2 examples of car insurance exlusions
  6. Reasons to insure

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  1. Income protection, total and permanent disability, trauma or critical, term life or death, private health, consumer credit3 examples of travel insurance exclusion


  2. the insurer will cover the cost of replacing the item regardless of its age or condition at time of lossReplacement cost


  3. insurer will pay the value of the item based on current age and condition at time of lossMarket value


  4. Smoking, cosmetic surgery2 examples of car insurance exlusions


  5. Cost of policy (premium), product disclosure statement, insurance policy document (terms and conditions, risks covered, exclusions)Agreed value


  6. What is being insured and the risk being insured against, any exclusions, how much the insurer will pay if you make a claim, how much the policy will cost youExcess


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