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  1. Reasons to insure
  2. There are two parts to an insurance policy:
  3. Market value
  4. 2 examples of car insurance exlusions
  5. Waiting period
  6. Types of life insurance:

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  1. Extreme activities, war or terrorist damage, luggage left unattended3 examples of travel insurance exclusion


  2. Reduce the risk, purchase more than one policy from the same insurer, pay for insurance anuallyReasons to insure


  3. Damage caused by natural disasters2 examples of car insurance exlusions


  4. when you ask your insurer to pay for something that is covered by your insurance policyWhat is a claim?


  5. Cost of policy (premium), product disclosure statement, insurance policy document (terms and conditions, risks covered, exclusions)Agreed value


  6. Smoking, cosmetic surgery2 examples of health insurance exclusions