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  1. Reasons to insure
  2. Types of car insurance:
  3. Agreed value
  4. 3 examples of travel insurance exclusion
  5. Home and contents insurance exclusions
  6. Replacement cost

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  1. Accidents are more likely to happen in unfamiliar places, Australian private health insurance does not usually cover you overseasAgreed value


  2. Terms and conditions and policy schedule/certificateThere are two parts to an insurance policy:


  3. Modifications, illegal behaviour2 examples of health insurance exclusions


  4. Reduce the risk, purchase more than one policy from the same insurer, pay for insurance anuallyThere are two parts to an insurance policy:


  5. What is being insured and the risk being insured against, any exclusions, how much the insurer will pay if you make a claim, how much the policy will cost youExcess


  6. Smoking, cosmetic surgery2 examples of car insurance exlusions