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The paintings of Pat Steir explore varieties of

visual delight

The difference between Thomas Cole's The Oxbow and Wang Jian's White Clouds Over Xiao and Xiang

is that one gives the viewer a fixed position while the other depicts a mobile view

The role of art in relation to the sacred world

has been with us since the earliest of times

Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu are the names of


Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People commemorated

the French Revolution of 1830

What event prompted Pablo Picasso to create the painting Guernica

the devastation of a Spanish city by Nazi bombers

A work of art that is made in three panels is called

a triptych

In 1970, Robert Smithson arranged rock and earth in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, for an earthwork entitled

Spiral Jetty

The American artist Barnett Newman said that he painted because he wanted

"to have something to look at."

The Japanese artist Hokusai once painted a picture of red maple leaves floating down the river, by

releasing a rooster with painted feet to walk across paper

Among the Pomo Indians of California, the art of _____ is linked to their creation myth


As seen in the interior of the the Nasr al-Mulk mosque (fig. 3.3), Islamic artisans created

colorful, visually delightful patterns

According to the author, the drawback of the chronological approach to studying art is that

the comparison of art from different cultures gets overlooked

Among the Pomo Indians, the art of ____________ is highly valued


_______is the most important and honored subject in the Chinese painting tradition


Which of the following was designed as a place or worship or meditation

All of the above

Cimabue's Madonna Enthroned and A Tathagata Buddha are similar in all these ways EXCEPT

They share the same iconography

Which of the following is an example of a theme in art

art and nature

Whereas the Christian image by Cimabue depicts the central figure surrounded by angels, the Buddhist image in this chapter shows the central figure surrounded by


In his painting called John Brown Going to His Hanging, _________ took for his subject and episode in history to which he had a personal connection

Horace Pippin

The Egyptians imagined the __________as resembling earthly life in every detail


The range of _____________'s work makes him difficult to categorize. In addition to paintings, prints, and combination pieces, he has done extensive set and costume design for Merce Cunningham and others, as well as graphic design for magazines and books

Robert Rauschenberg

The pyramids at Giza in Egypt were built as


In its early days, _______was considered insincere and vulgar

Color photography

Which of the three great pyramids at Giza is the largest


____________ is the best known work of the bizarrely inventive Hieronymus Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights

For anyone longing to reach a mass audience with images that urged a political or social message, _________ emerged during the 20th century as the most effective means


The __________ often created equestrian statues of their emperors


Louise Nevelson and Sandy Skogland both use found objects in their work. However, Nevelson is considered a sculptor and Skogland is considered a


Pablo Picasso painted Guernica in 1937 for

the Spanish Pavilion of the Paris World's Fair

One of the most delightfully eccentric figures in the history of art is the Japanese painter and woodcut designer known as __________.


Robert Smithson's The Spiral Jetty is an example of

an earthwork

Theme and purpose in art are

the comparison of art from different cultures gets overlooked

The sculptor Isamu Noguchi named his series of lamps __________, meaning "light as illumination" in Japanese


Which of the following was designed and created as a private place of worship


The Olmec civilization lived in an area of present day


The mysteries of the unknown are often depicted through __________, as can be seen in Kasimir Malevich's Suprematist Composition

non-representational forms

The name Suprematism, coined by Kasimir Malevich, stands for:

"the supremacy of pure feeling in creative art."

A shaman is:

a human who acts as a guide between the material and spirit worlds

Prior to 1793, the Louvre was a


Akbar Hunting with Trained Cheetahs is an example of

Mughal painting

Honoré Daumier's __________ was confiscated by the authorities soon after it was first seen by the public

Murder in the rue Transnonain

Janine Antoni created her sculpture Gnaw out of


The purpose of a work of art is

what the artist hoped to achieve

The word stupa means


No matter what religion creates art, the major figure is usually shown as

comparatively large

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