WW lesson 1 Book 10

17 terms by akelsey17

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N. 1. Sharpness or harshness of manner

2. Roughness of surface; uneveness


N. A person or thing that destroys or causes harm


Adj. Causing destruction or ruin


N. A person who often makes attempts to be funny; a clown; a fool


Adj. Mournful or full of sorrow; causing grief


N. A person who's attention is focused on other's and what is going on around him or her, rather than on his or her feelings


Adj. characterized by a focus on others or on what is going on around him or he


Adj. Excessively bright and flashy; tastelessly glaring


N. A group or system in which positions of power are ranked, usually from lowest to highest


V. To fill completely with a feeling or idea; to inspire


V. To stir up or urge on; to provoke


N. A strong attraction or learning


Adj. Behaving in a wild and unruly behavior


N. The list of pieces an actor, musician, etc., is ready to perform; the skills or accomplishments of a person or group


N. 1. A basic principle or skill

2. An undeveloped or beginning stage


V.1. To weaken or ruin by degrees

2. To attack by indirect , secret, or underhanded meanings


Adj. Not stopping or slowing down; constant

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