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will return only pages in which the anchor text on links to the pages contain the words "best," "museums," and "sydney."
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You can restrict the results to pages whose names end with pdf and doc by using the OR operator, security filetype:pdf OR filetype:docwill return articles in the group that contain the word "sleep"sleep return articles in the subarea that contain the word "sleep."sleep group:misc.kidswill return pages in which the anchor text on links to the pages contain the word "gourmet" and the page contains the word "restaurants."restaurants inanchor:gourmetwill show information about the national hotel directory home return Google Group articles that contain the phrase "falling asleep" in the subject.insubject:"falling asleep"will return documents that mention the word "pandemonia" in the text, and mention the names "Hamish" and "Reid" anywhere in the document (text or not).Hamish Reid intext:pandemoniawill return documents that mention the word "help" in their titles, and mention the words "flu" and "shot" anywhere in the document (title or not).flu shot intitle:helpsearches for pages on Google Guide in which the URL contains the word "print." It finds pdf files that are in the directory or folder named "print" on the Google Guide website.inurl:print site:www.googleguide.comwill return documents that mention the words "healthy" in their URL, and mention the word "eating" anywhere in the document.inurl:healthy eatingto find pages that point to Google Guide's home page, enter:link:www.googleguide.comFind links to the Google home page not on Google's own -site:google.comFind links to the UK Owners Direct home page not on its own show articles that match the term "queen" from sites in Canada. Many other country names work; try them and see.queen location:canadawill list web pages that are similar to the Consumer Reports home page.related:www.consumerreports.orgwill show admissions information from London School of Economics' siteadmissions find information on Windows security from all sites except, enter:windows security -site:microsoft.comwill return articles with the word "election" that appear in the New York Times.election source:new_york_timesThis means that the news source ID is ha_aretz__subscription_. This query will only return articles that include the word "peace" from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.peace source:ha_aretz__subscription_will return the weather for Sunnyvale, Californiaweather Sunnyvale CAwill return the weather for the city containing the zip code (US postal code) 94041, which is Mountain View, 94041Use the site: operator to search for armchairs on Ikea's site, site:ikea.comFind all pages on but not on nor on whose titles include the words "FAQ" or "help."intitle:FAQ OR intitle:help pages whose titles include surfing that are not about surfing the World Wide Web.intitle:surfing -WWW -"World Wide Web"How can you search for [ google help ] on Google Guide,, and on the UC Berkeley library website, help OR site:www.lib.berkeley.eduFind a document with tips on job interviewing and salary negotiation that is in PDF/Adobe Acrobat format. What differences in the appearance of the document result from viewing it in its native format, Adobe Acrobat versus HTML?interviewing salary negotiation filetype:pdfFind pdf or Postscript documents and course notes on symplectic geometry that are on university and other educational sites."symplectic geometry" site:edu filetype:pdf OR filetype:ps