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What was the main plight of the chesapeake colony?

not enough women so no reproduction, and lots died from diseases

What was the main crop of the chesapeake colony? and what was its effect?

tobacco, and it required lots of labor so they used indentured(white) servants

what was the "headright" system?

said that if someone paid for an indentured servants travel across the ocean they got 50 acres of land

what was the effect of the headright system?

people kept hiring ind. servants for land, and since ppl kept taking all the land there wasnt enough and made lots of poor ppl

Who was Nathaniel Bacon/ What was Bacon's revolution?

he was a poor person that lead the poor people in a rebellion where they killed indians and rampaged the capital

who stopped the bacons rebellion

Governor William Berkeley

What was the effect of this rebellion?

caused masters to looking to africa for less troublesome workers

Where did most of the slaves from early trade go to and why?

The sugar rich west indies b/c white colonies couldnt afford slaves

What were the "slave codes"?

made slaves and their kids propert of the owners, and nothing not even christianity could grant them freedom

What was it like for slaves in the south?

lonely and really hard work

what was it like for slaves in the chesapeake colony?

not too bad, the female pop. grew and made natural reproduction possible.

What was the social hierarchy of the southern society?

Great Planters --> Small Farmers --> Landless whites (former indentured servants) --> black slaves

What were New England colonies like/centered around?

they were family oriented since puritan families moved there, there was lots of natural reproduction, and puritan laws sought to defend integrities of marriage and there werent many womens rights

New England was made mostly of...

small villages and farms, and "proprietors" split up and parceled these farms off to families

What are 2 more attributes of New Eng. colonies?

they established Harvard college, and the democracy in congregational church led to democracy in politicals and they had political liberty

What was the "Half Way Covenant"?

agreement made to induce more church membership, gave nonmembers membership benefits

What was the "Salem Witch Trials"?

poor ppl accused merchant elites of being witches and it messed up social hierarchy

Why was slavery not needed in New england?

the soil sucked so no crops so no need for labor, so instead n.e's built roads and majority were small livestock and crop farmers

What was the social hierarchy in New England?

there was none!

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