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What are the maternal and fetal causes of dystocia?
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What are the most common bacteria causing mastitis?coliforms, staph, strepShould puppies be weaned if ***** has mastitis?only if she has abscessedWhich *****es most commonly have subinvolution of placental sites (SIPS)?young *****es after whelping their first litterHow should SIPS be treated?OHE if non-breeding OR supportive careWhat causes pregnancy toxemia?alteration of carbohydrate metabolism and increased metabolic demands in late gestationhow is pregnancy toxemia treated?stabilize, improve diet, terminate pregnancy if severeHow should follicular cysts be treated?GnRH or HCG; surgeryWhat is the most common primary ovarian neoplasm in the dog?Granulosa Cell tumorName a benign and malignant germ cell tumor in *****esbenign: teratoma, malignant: dysgerminomaWhat is the most important diagnostic tool for exogenous estrogen exposure and ovarian remnant?HISTORY!How long does the endometrium need for full repair?120-150 daysWhat are 4 causes of a short interestrous interval?breed predisposition, ovulation failure, luteal failure, idiopathicwhat are the 3 stages of vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse?I: perineal swelling, II: eversion of vaginal floor just cranial to urethral papilla, III: eversion of entire vaginal circumferenceWhat are the 2 most common vaginal neoplasms?leiomyoma and TVTWhat is the only tumor directly transmitted from dog to dogTVTPyometras occur under the influence of what hormone?ProgesteroneHow does progesterone effect endometrial glands?causes proliferationWhat is the most common bacteria causing pyo?E. ColiWhat is the most useful dx method for pyo?abdominal U/SWhat are the surgical and medical tx for pyo?SURGICAL: OHE, MEDICAL: prostaglandin, AB's, dopamine agonists, lavagewhat is the most common uterine neoplasia?leiomyomaWhat effects do dopamine antagonists have on agalactia?increase prolactinWhat is the most common neoplasm of the *****?mammary neoplasiaWhat percentage of mammary neoplasias are malignant?50%How do you definitively diagnose mammary neoplasia?histopathologyWhat is the gold standard for tx of mammary neoplasia?SURGERY!what is removed with lumpectomy, simple mastectomy, en bloc dissection, and unilateral mastectomy respectively?mass only, gland and mass, mass/gland/lymphatics/regional LN, entire chain of glands +/- regional LNwhat are the poor prognostic indicators for mammary neoplasia?LN mets, inflammatory mammary carcinoma, high grade, >3cm, invasive, E receptor negativeWhat are the three stages at which sexual differentiation can be disrupted?chromosomal, gonadal, phenotypic