Chapter 15 & 16 People


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Robert Fulton
steamboat w/ engine
Elias Howe
sewing machine
Eli Whitney
cotton gin and interchangeable parts
Peter Cooper
first steam powered locomotive
Samuel Morse
John Deere
steel-tipped plow
Samuel Slater
stole plans for British mill
Francis Cabot Lowell
improved on Slater's mill
Horace Mann
educational reformer
Sarah G. Bagley
founded Lowell Female Labor Reform Organization
Thomas Gallaudet
developed method to teach hearing impaired
Samuel Gridley Howe
helped people with visual impairments
Dorothea Dix
helped educated people about the bad conditions given to prisoners and mentally ill
Emily Dickinson
wrote simple, deeply personal poems that celebrated the natural world
Henry David Thoreau
wrote books; Transcendentalism (1)
Ralph Waldo Emerson
wrote books; Transcendentalism (2)
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin. Portrayed how bad slavery really was.
Nat Turner
popular religious leader. Led people on a brief violent rampage, killing 55 whites.
Harriet Tubman
leading "conductor of Underground Railroad
Frederick Douglas
he spoke out against slavery and other movements, wrote books, etc.
William Lloyd Garrison
one of the first white abolitionists. Started a newspaper called The Liberator
Sarah & Angelina Grimke
spoke out for abolition and women's rights
John Quincy Adams
battled slavery. Introduced amends for gradual abolition of slavery
John Brown
led an attack that killed 5 whites. Wanted to "strike terror"
Sojourner Truth
sought to tell people the truth about slavery
Elijah Lovejoy
white abolitionist. People set his antislavery newspaper on fire.
Lucretia Mott
organized Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society (1)
Cady Stanton
organized Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society (2)
Susan B. Anthony
called for equal pay and college training. Organized Daughters of Independence.
Emma Willard
broke barriers in female education
Mary Lyon
began raising funds to open a women's college
Maria Mitchell
discovered a comet with a telescope. 1st woman elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Cyrus McCormick
mechanical reaper