NYC TLC Rules & Regulations - Important Exam Questions

Source: NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC)
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements? Age?
Age: An Applicant for a Taxicab Driver's License must be at least 19 years of age.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Identification. An Applicant for an original Taxicab Driver's License must produce both of the following proofs of identity:
(1) A Valid Government-issued photo ID.
(2) A Valid, original Social Security card.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Driver's License?
Chauffeur's License. An Applicant must have a Valid Chauffeur's License.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
DMV Records?
Summary of Driving Record. An Applicant whose driver's license has been issued by a state other than New York must provide the Commission with an abstract of his or her driving record from the Applicant's state of residence, dated no more than 30 days prior to the date of the Application.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Physical Fitness for the Job?
(1) The Applicant must be of sound mental and physical condition and fit to safely operate a vehicle.
(2) The Applicant's fitness must be certified by a physician licensed by NYS or the Applicant's state of residence on forms provided by the Commission.
(3) The Commission can, for good cause, require the Applicant to be examined by a licensed physician chosen by the Commission.
(4) An existing License can be suspended or revoked if the Driver fails to be examined for a physical or mental condition.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
English Language?
Speak and Understand English. An Applicant must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language. An Applicant is required to pass a test approved by the Commission.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
New York City Knowledge - Geography, City Streets, City Traffic? City & TLC Rules & NYS Vehicle & Traffic Rules?
Familiar with New York. Applicant must be familiar with the following:
(1) The geography, streets and traffic regulations of the City of New York
(2) The rules and regulations of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission
(3) The Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Drug Test?
Pass Drug Test.
(1) All Applicants for new Taxicab Driver's Licenses, except New York City Police Officers, must be tested, at the Applicant's expense, for drugs or controlled substances.
(2) The Commission designates who can perform the drug test and will only designate an individual or entity that has a permit issued by the New York State Department of Health.
(3) If an Applicant tests positive for drugs or controlled substances, the Commission will deny the Applicant's license. This decision is final.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Finger Printing?
Fingerprinting for the Purpose of Determining Good Moral Character. Applicant must be of good moral character, and the Commission requires that all Applicants provide fingerprints.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Notices & Processes?
Agreement to Accept Legal Notices or Processes.
(1) An Applicant must agree to accept service of any sort of notice or legal process issued by any agency of the City of New York upon the Applicant (Licensee) at the Applicant's Mailing Address.
(2) These official notices can be left with a member of the Applicant's family or any other person who also lives at the Licensee's Mailing Address.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Training. The Commission requires that Applicants for a new License pass all prescribed tests, both oral and written, as administered by the Commission or at its direction.
(1) Defensive Driving Course. Applicants must hold a certificate of completion for the required hours of instruction in a Defensive Driving Course dated within six months prior to the application date.
(2) Authorized Taxicab Training. Applicants must be able to prove (by showing a certificate of attendance) that they attended an Authorized Taxicab Training course, successfully completed the course and passed an examination approved by the Commission on proficiency in English and other mandatory subjects.
(3) Authorized Taxicab Training Refresher Course. During the last 60 days of the initial one-year Probationary term, Probationary Licensees must attend and pass an Authorized Taxicab Training Refresher course in order to qualify for a renewal License.
(4) Military Exemption. Any Applicant for a License who previously held a Valid Taxicab Driver's License will not be required to take the Authorized Taxicab Training course, provided that Applicant meets the following conditions:
(i) The Applicant's Taxicab Driver's License expired solely because the Applicant was not available to renew his or her License because he or she was engaged in active military service.
(ii) The Applicant's military service began before the expiration date of his or her prior License.
(iii) The Applicant filed an application within 90 days of completing active military service, and in no event later than three years following expiration of the prior License.
(iv) The Applicant provided proof of the dates of active military service.
(v) Applicant meets all other requirements for obtaining a new License.
§54-05 Licensing - Probationary Licenses
Probationary Licenses?
Issuing Probationary Licenses.
(1) Upon approval of an Applicant for a new Taxicab License, the Commission will issue a Probationary License valid for one year.
(2) At the end of the one-year probationary period, the Commission will evaluate the Applicant and determine if renewing the License is appropriate.
(3) To make this decision, the Commission will consider the Applicant's driving record, the Applicant's violation of any Taxicab Drivers Rules, or other evidence that suggests that the Driver no longer meets all requirements for a License.
§54-05 Licensing - Probationary Licenses
Automatic Refusal or Revocation of Probationary License?
The Commission will not issue a renewal License following the probationary period, and can revoke an issued Probationary License at any time if any of the following occurs:
(i) The Driver is convicted of a crime in any jurisdiction.
(ii) The Driver is convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
(iii) The Driver is convicted of refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or other chemical test.
(iv) The Driver is convicted of leaving the scene of an accident.
(v) The Driver accumulates eight or more points against his or her Chauffeur's License. (Point totals will include points existing on the Driver's state license prior to his or her application for a License with the Commission.)
(vi) The Driver is convicted of three or more moving violations.
(vii) The Driver is convicted of two or more speeding violations.
(viii) The Driver accumulates four or more points in a manner or time frame consistent with the Commission's Persistent Violator Program (see §54-27(b)).
(ix) The Driver is convicted of two or more violations that carry the Mandatory Penalties listed in §54-02 of this Chapter
(2) For the purpose of §54-05(b)(1) above, the Commission will look at the date a violation occurred (rather than date of conviction) to determine whether the violation is within the probationary period.
§54-06 Licensing - Term of License
Term of Probationary License?
Licensing - Term of License
(a) New (Probationary) License Term. A License issued to a new Applicant will expire one year from the date the License was issued.
(b) Renewal License Term. A License issued to a renewing Applicant will expire two years from the date on which the previous License expires.
(c) Extensions. The Commission can extend the expiration date of a renewal License by up to an additional 31 days. If an expiration date is extended, the required drug test must be dated within 30 days before (and no later than) the extended expiration date.
(d) Advancement. If a Licensee will not be available for drug testing during the 30 days before his or her License is scheduled to expire, the Licensee can ask the Commission to move and reset the License expiration to an earlier date, provided that:
(1) A Licensee in the second year of his or her License has satisfactorily completed the required drug test for Licensees in the first year.
(2) A Licensees makes only one such request during the term of a License.
(3) The request is complete and accurate and submitted on the proper Commission form.
(4) The term of the renewal License is two years from the NEW expiration date.
§54-06 Licensing - Term of License
When to file Renewal of Probationary License?
When to File for Renewal
(1) A renewing Applicant must file a completed application at least 30 days before the expiration date of the License in order to avoid a late fee.
(2) A renewing Applicant can file a completed application less than 30 days before the expiration date as a "late application," if the Applicant pays a late fee of $25.
(3) The postmark date is the date of filing for an application that is filed by mail. The date of submission is the date of filing for an application that is filed in person.
(4) The Commission will not accept a renewal application after the expiration date of the License. If the application is not filed before the expiration date, the License cannot be renewed.
§54-04 What are the Licensing requirements?
Renewal of Suspended Licenses?
Suspended Licenses.
(1) If a License is suspended, the Licensee must apply for renewal as required in (e) above if the Licensee wants to renew the License. Failure to complete the renewal requirements means that the License cannot be renewed.
(2) A License that is suspended is not Valid and cannot be used until the suspension ends. This is true even if the Applicant has filed an application for a renewal.
§54-07 Licensing - Fees
Licensing - Fees
(a) Fee for License. The fee for a Taxicab Driver's License will be $84 annually.
(b) When Fee is Paid. The fee for an original or renewal License must be paid at the time the application is filed.
(c) No Refund if Application Denied. The Commission will not refund fees if it denies or disapproves the application.
(d) Late Filing Fee. The Commission will charge an additional fee of $25 for a late filing of a renewal application, if it allows filing at all.
(e) License Replacement Fee. The Commission will charge a fee of $25 for each License it issues to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated License.
(f) Refresher Training Course Fees. The authorized providers of an Authorized Taxicab Training Refresher Course will charge each participant a fee of $20.