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ch 5 Ap

in which layer of the epidermis are cells constantly dividing
-stratum basale)
what is malonin?
-gives us skin color, protects skin from UV rays)
what type of skin gland secretes ear wax?
-ceremonious gland)
of what is the dermis composed?
from which degree of burn is pain rarely felt?
-3rd & 4th )
what type of skin gland active with puberty?
along with sweat glands what actively regulates skin temp?
what is adapose tissue?
-fat tissue)
what mite severe burns result in?
-fluid loss, heat loss, bacterial infection)
what is eczema?
-sensitivity to chemicals, fabrics, heat, dryness )
what creates the unique fingerprints of individuals ?
-dermal papilla)
is the epidermis very vascular?
what is the most common cause of skin cancer?
-mutation of the skin cell DNA/UV)
which 2 levels are the skin?
-organ,organ system )
what is another name for hives?
distingueshed between the stratum cosoly and the stratum cornea reguarding structure and function?
stratum basal lies superior to the dermis and are constantly dividing and producing new cells that get pushed to the surface in 2-4 weeks. Because they are not supplied with nutrients they eventually die cells pushed to the surface become hard from uppermost layer of epidermis stratum+ corneum)
explain the difference between 1st degree and 3rd degree which 1 would require skin grafting?
1st degree- only epidermis is affected 3rd degree- destroys the entire thickness of skin and may need grafting because the skin may be destroyed and need to be replaced)
describe the effects that long term exposure to the sun have on the skin?
skin cancer or tumors)-the UVA rays allow UV rays to cause cancer.-UV radiation causes epidermal basal cells to form tumors.)
describe how seat cools the body and explain y sitting in fount of a fan cools the body rapidly?
body is hot eccrine glands open onto the skin. it helps lower body temp as sweat evaporates,fan supplies cool breeze which helps the evaporation.)
How many regions does the skin consist of ?
which membrane do the epidermis+ dermis make up?
-cutaneous membrane)
what happens to cells when they move from the epidermis to the surface of the skin?
-become flat and hard -top layer of epidermis then dies)
what mite poorly oxygenated blood in the dermis cause an individual to do?
-cutaneous membrane)
which types of cells are not found in the epidermis?
-red blood cells ,blood cells)
which layer of the epidermis protects from abrasions and is found only in thick skin?
-stratum luridum)
what is dandruff cause by ?
-accelerated rate of keratonzation in certain areas of the scalp)
what kind of infection is athletes foot?
-fungla infection)
Which degree of burn damages the epidermis and part of the dermis?
-2nd degree burn)
Whar is responsible for skin colors?