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  1. an explanation of what the symbols on a map stand for
  2. runs through the central plains to the gulf of Mexico. It's the longest river in the U.S.
  3. imaginary lines around the globe that run between the North and South Poles, also called meridians
  4. divides the the workd into eastern and western hemispheres. The longitude of the prime meridian is 0 degrees and 180 degrees W or 180 degrees E
  5. meridians are not parallel to eachother. All meridians meet at the north pole and the south pole.
  6. SE, SW, NE, NW

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  1. Esamples of symbolsmost maps use this to show directions


  2. Global grida bowl shaped landform that is lower than the surrounding land


  3. Inlandan area of land that does not border an ocean


  4. Coastal Plainlow, flat land that runs along a coast


  5. Scalea diagram that explains distances on a map


  6. Five themes of geographylocation, place, human-environmental interaction, movement and regions