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  1. color, pictures, shapes
  2. most maps use this to show directions
  3. a diagram that explains distances on a map
  4. an area of land that does not border an ocean
  5. a high, flat landform that rises steeply from the land around it
  6. imaginary lines around the globe that run between the North and South Poles, also called meridians

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  1. Prime meridiandivides the the workd into eastern and western hemispheres. The longitude of the prime meridian is 0 degrees and 180 degrees W or 180 degrees E


  2. Five themes of geographylocation, place, human-environmental interaction, movement and regions


  3. Basina bowl shaped landform that is lower than the surrounding land


  4. Map keyan explanation of what the symbols on a map stand for


  5. Coastal Plainlow, flat land that runs along a coast


  6. Meridiansan area of land that does not border an ocean