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  1. a bowl shaped landform that is lower than the surrounding land
  2. N, S, E, W
  3. an area of land that does not border an ocean
  4. runs through the central plains to the gulf of Mexico. It's the longest river in the U.S.
  5. divides the the workd into eastern and western hemispheres. The longitude of the prime meridian is 0 degrees and 180 degrees W or 180 degrees E
  6. SE, SW, NE, NW

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  1. Equatoran area of land that does not border an ocean


  2. Global gridthe grid formed by criss crossing line of latitude and longitude on a map


  3. Esamples of symbolscolor, pictures, shapes


  4. Meridiansmeridians are not parallel to eachother. All meridians meet at the north pole and the south pole.


  5. Coastal Plainlow, flat land that runs along a coast


  6. Specialty mapa map that shows just one kind of information, such as rainfall or elevation


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