Unit 3: Explorers

19 terms by mrsyackey

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Unit 3 Explorers Flashcards


landed in the Caribbean in 1492; credited with beginning the Columbian Exchange

Leif Erikson

Viking who was the first European in the Americas


"America" was named after him


conquered the Aztec Empire


conquered the Inca Empire


first European to see the Pacific Ocean


discovered Florida


explored the Southwestern United States

de Soto

explored the Southeastern United States


crew was first to circumnavigate the earth


gave the French influence in the region of Quebec

Marquette and Joliet

took the Mississippi River downstream

La Salle

claimed the Mississippi Valley for France


helped convince Europe that the new land was not Asia


a bay and a river are named after him


to travel around


soldier-adventurers from Spain


the idea that colonies exist only to make the home country wealthy and powerful

Columbian Exchange

a transfer of people, products, and ideas between the Eastern and Western hemispheres

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