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Nationalism After WWI

Hideki Tojo
military leader of Japan
Young Turks
What group was the Ottoman sultan deposed by in 1909?
Balfour Declaration
In 1917, what group supported the idea of Jewish homeland in Palestine?
The reason the new kingdom of Saudi Arabia earned great wealth after 1938.
League of Nations
Who established mandates to give certain European countries the right to govern certain Arab Territories?
In 1935, what area became Iran under the new Pahlavi dynasty?
Ottoman Turks
Who massacred over one million Armenians in retaliation for an uprising in 1915?
A Japanese military group invaded _______________without government approval
Muslim League
In 1930, who was beginning to believe in the creation of a separate Mulsim state of Pakistan?
Who encouraged his followers to protest British laws by withholding taxes, boycotting British goods, and using homemade salt?
Great Soul
Meaning of the word "Mahatma."
In 1923, the Nationalists and one other group in China formed an alliance against warlords and impreialist powers.
People's Liberation Army
In 1934, who began its Long March?
Northern Expedition
In 1926, the Chinese alliance began what?
Eamon da Valera
Who took the leadership position in Sinn Fein after the Easter Rising?
Irish Republican Army
Michael Collins lead what group during the Ango-Irish War.
Results of Ango-Irish Treaty
Free state, Commonwealth Status, and the Irish Civil War
Who believed that Japan was a serious threat to China?
Who was less dangerous that the Communits?
the heart
Chiang believed that the Communists were a disease of what?
The six northern countries that remain with what country are still a major issue for Irish nationalists.
Father Turk and President Kemal
state that rejects religious influences
king of Iran's title
Sinn Fein
political group dedicated to Irish nationalism
the military group dedicated to Irish nationalism
civil disobediance
refusal to obey laws considered unjust
large Japanese corporation
Ho Chi Minh
Vietnamese Communist revolutionary
Sun Yat-sen
leader of China's Nationalist Party in 1921
Chiang Kai-shek
leader of China's Nationalist Party after 1925
Mao Zedong
Chinese Communist Party leader