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  1. disseminate
  2. poignant
  3. deplore
  4. bountiful
  5. lucrative
  1. a profitable
  2. b giving freely and generously
  3. c very moving or touching
  4. d to regret deeply; to disapprove of strongly
  5. e to spread or scatter widely

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  1. careful; mindful of consequences
  2. to place side by side
  3. appropiate; well-suited to the occasion
  4. agreement; compatibility
  5. similar

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  1. hamperto hold back; to interfere with


  2. tenuousto regret deeply; to disapprove of strongly


  3. quellto put an end to; to quiet


  4. elatedextremely happy


  5. precursora person or thing that comes before


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