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Four goals of progressive era


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Protecting social welfare
1. Reducing the impact of the harsh conditions brought about by industrialization
2. Valuing and protecting human life and well being
Ex: a.Social gospel/settlement house movements: helping the poor through community centers, social services and churches
b. YMCA: libraries, recreations pools, handball courts
c. Salvation Army- soup kitchens, child care
Economic Reform
1. Changing the uneven balance of wealth between big business, government and ordinary people under capitalism
Ex: a.Eugene Debs helped organize the American Socialist Party
b. Journalists exposing unfair business practices, exploiting child labor, government corruption
c. Minimum wage laws (state laws)
Economic efficiency
1. Use scientific principles to make society and the workplace more efficient
EX:a. Louis Brandeis used data showing the high cost of long working hours to defend a law limiting women's work hours.
b. Time and motion studies, improving efficiency
c. Ford's 8 hours and $5 a day
Promoting Moral Improvement
1. Improving the lives of the poor by improving their personal behavior
EX: a. prohibition- banning alcoholic beverages
b. Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WTCU-1874)
urged saloon keepers to stop selling alcohol opened kindegartens for immigrants