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What are the three parts of an ATP molecule?
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How many molecules of oxygen are produced when 6 molecules of carbon dioxide enter the process of photosynthesis?6 molecules of oxygenIf you have two closed glass jars each with a candle burning in it, but one has a plant also, which of the candles will burn the longest?The plant, the plant produces oxygen which is used in burning the candle.Where do the light-dependent reactions take place? What are the products?Thylakoid membrane; Oxygen, ATP, and NADPHWhere does the Calvin cycle take place? What are the products of the Calvin cycle?Stroma of a chloroplast; High energy sugarsList the stages of cellular respiration in the presence of oxygenKerbs Cycle, Electron transportList the stages of cellular respiration in an anaerobic condition.GlycolysisWhy is cellular respiration called an aerobic process?Cellular respiration requires oxygenWhich stage of glucose usage does NOT release energy from glucose?FermentationHow are cellular respiration and photosynthesis opposite processes?The products of photosynthesis are the reactants of cellular respirationWhy can't plants use photosynthesis to release the energy in glucose?Photosynthesis is a process of capture energy not releasing energyWhat are the products of photosynthesis?Oxygen and GlucoseWhich process of breaking glucose occurs in the cytoplasm?GlycolysisWhich electron carriers play a role in cellular respiration?NAD+, NADH, and FADH2What is the starting molecule for the Krebs cycle?Pyruvic AcidIn the Krebs cycle, where do the carbon atoms in the three-carbon molecule (pyruvic acid) come from?GlucoseWhat is the energy from the electrons passing along the electron transport chain used to do?Pump H+ ions from the matrix to the innermembrane space. This sets up a high concentration of H+ ions in the innermembrane spaceHow many ATP molecules are produced when cellular respiration uses 1 molecule of glucose?36Yeast produces bubbles in bread dough through the process of _____________.Alcoholic FermentationWhat are the two types of fermentation?Lactic Acid and Alcoholic FermentationHow does your body repay an oxygen debt after you finish running a face?You "owe" your body oxygen so that your body is able to remoce thae lactic acid that your muscle cells produceHow does the body generate ATP when it needs to exercise longer than 90 seconds?Cellular Respiration is the only way your body is able to supply ATP needed after 90 secondsWhy can't plants use photosynthesis to release the energy in glucose?