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The visual elements of art include all of the following except



time and motion

Which of the following types of lines are used to create shading effects


Théodore Géricault's The Raft of the Medusa effectively used ________ lines to create tension


The difference between shape and mass as visual elements is that

shape is a two-dimensional form and mass is a three-dimensional form

As a visual element, the term "value" refers to

shades of light and dark

The term "chiaroscuro" comes from Italian, and literally means


The three physical properties of color are

hue, value, and intensity

The restoration of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

All these answers are correct

Art that physically moves, such as Alexander Calder's mobiles, is called ________ art


During the twentieth century, _______ and _______ were added to the visual elements used by artists

time and motion

Which of the visual elements can best be described as "the path of a moving point


The 20th century art movement known as Futurism celebrated above all the visual element of


The 18th-century Indian painting of musicians and acrobats by Rajasthan Mewar utilizes the two most basic visual cues for implying depth on a flat surface. They are

position and overlap

Lines are used in art to indicate

all of the above

In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called _________shapes


Henri Matisse was told by Gustave Moreau, his teacher at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, "You were born to ______________."

simplify painting

A black-and-white photograph of a scene eliminates the hues and intensities of the scene's colors, but captures the _______ of the colors


In drawing, the outer boundaries of two-dimensional forms are defined by __________, while the outer boundaries perceived among three-dimensional forms are defined by __________.

outlines/contour lines

In painting and drawing, artists often use the technique of ____________ to describe the way shadows and light define the mass of forms


Charles White's Untitled, illustrates the technique of


Which artist uses light itself as the main material and whose work increases our awareness of light as a presence in the world

James Turrell

In the additive process of color mixing, red light, green light, and blue light combine to produce ________ light


In this chapter, the author discusses Hopper's use of __________ in one of his paintings, which is his use of line, shape, mass, space, texture, color, value, and light

the visual elements

Mixing two primary colors produces a __________ color


Passive pink" refers to the color that

seemed to calm and relax violent children in studies of color's effects upon the mind and body

A necessary feature of pattern is


The German painter Franz Marc associated the color blue with

male spirituality

In Albrect Dürer's woodcut The Draftsman Drawing a Reclining Nude, the draftsman is using a device to help him achieve the effect of


Atmospheric perspective is used to maximum effect in the work

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt

In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called _________shapes


Albrecht Dürer mastered the use of line to indicate values by employing a technique called _________, as his drawing A Goldsmith from Mecheln demonstrates


Which artist uses light itself as the main material of many of his works by projecting light onto walls

James Turrell

Drawings with no inner detail are referred to as


Intensity may be also called


Some line techniques to create modeling include

stippling and hatching

A shape is _______________; mass is _____________.

two dimensional/three dimensional

The artist whose work confuses the figure-ground relationship is


The visual elements of art are like


The most dynamic lines are usually


A shape is _______________; mass is _____________.

two dimensional/three dimensional

Value and chiaroscuro are


Pink is a _________ of red


A typical complementary color scheme might be

red and green

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