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idioms with PARTS OF THE BODY

There are lots of idiomatic and colloquial expressions which use parts of the body. Check out this interesting link and look for: SERIES 3 - BODY IDIOMS. You can get both the video and the script! http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/theteacher/
stick your nose
look down my nose at (people)
give a hand
give you the cold shoulder
give the elbow
the apple of my eye
keep my fingers crossed
keep an eye
keep me under his thumb
keep me under her thumb
keep my ear to the ground
keep your chin up
keep your hair on
a pain in the neck
toe the line
take it off my chest
muscle in
get my back up
be up in arms
catch you red-handed
put my best foot forward
put my foot in it
shoot myself in the foot
my hair down
cost an arm and a leg
have a finger
in every pie
pull your leg
have eyes
in the back of my head
have green fingers
have a sweet tooth
have cold feet
have itchy feet
have butterflies
in your stomach
by the skin of your teeth
be long in the tooth
head over heels in love (with)
bury my head in the sand
a slip of the tongue
turn the other cheek
an eye for an eye
see eye to eye
learn by heart
be all ears
be still wet
behind the ears
twist your arm
have my head in the clouds
(have) an old head
on young shoulders
like banging my head
against a brick wall
break a leg