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Psychologist; created Allport's scale
Gordon Allport
Measure of the manifestation of prejudice in society; contains 5 stages of prejudice; ranked by the increasing harm they produce
Allport's Scale
What is stage 1
what is antilocution
speaking against; verbal rejection; talk
What are forms of Antilocution
Making jokes about another group; expression of hateful opinions; rumors, gossip, propaganda, slurs, hate speech; harms the self-esteem and self-image of the targeted group; leads to more harmful forms of prejudice
What is stage 2
What is Avoidance
People in a group actively avoiding members of another group- shunned
What are forms of Avoidance
isolation; labeling, categorizing, and dividing individuals
What is xenophobia
fear of foreigners or strangers
What is stage 3
What is Discrimination
separation, segregation, subtle aggression
What are forms of Discrimination
groups are discriminated against by the denial of equal opportunity, goods and services; intended to do harm to a group by preventing them from getting jobs, achieving goals, being educated, doing business, joining clubs etc.; forced living spaces; leads to harm
What is stage 4
Physical Attack
What is physical attack
violence; semi-violence
What are forms of physical attack
beatings, attacks, arrests, prisons, killings; racist slogans spray painted on walls; vandalized property
What is a hate crime
an assault or defacement crime motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group based on color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or other prejudice
What is stage 5
What is extermination
genocide or ethnic cleansing
What are forms of extermination
government allows murders to occur by gangs of citizens; the government launches genocide
What is genocide
the deliberate, systematic extermination of an ethnic people