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New England colonies did not depend on cash crops such as tobacco but became economically viable because of

the availability of vast amounts of fish and lumber enabling exports.

Which of the following correctly describes the Pilgrims?

They wanted to build a society based on Biblical teachings.

When comparing the New England colonies and the colonies of the Chesapeake region, all of the following statements are true EXCEPT

Women were treated more as equals in the New England colonies than they were in the Chesapeake Bay region, making it more difficult to attract women to the Chesapeake Bay.

Roger Williams is best known in American history as

an early champion of religious freedom.

Indentured servants in colonial America experienced

low social status.

Pilgrims(Separatist) differed from Puritans in that they believed:

The Anglican church was beyond reform.

The major economic interest of the French in the New World was

the fur trade.

1619 was known as a pivotal year for the Virginia colony because

introduction of slavery and creation of House of Burgesses.

The British government were different from the French and Spanish colonies because

the British encouraged immigrants from other European nations to settle in their colonies.

The Spanish had permanent settlements in

Mexico, St. Augustine, and New Mexico.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony can be described as all of the following except


The major problems between Virginia's settlers and the Indians resulted from the settlers' attempts to

expand the size of their colony.

The lack of religious tolerance in Massachusetts led to all of the following except

the loss of Massachusetts' charter.

Settlers who established the Virginia colony during the seventeenth century were primarily seeking to

profit economically.

New Amsterdam became New York because

the Duke of York obtained it from the Dutch do to their dissatisfaction with Peter Stuyvesant.

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