Unit A - Looking at Plants and Animals

14 terms by knightpam

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A living thing is also called a(n) ________.


One important difference between a living thing and non-living thing is that a living thing starts small and ________.


The way a living thing changes during its life is its ___________.


An oakt tree begins as an ______ and grows into a sapling.


The branches of a grown oak tree are thicker and ________ than a sapling.


Young plants grow from _______.


Baby chicks hatch from ______.


The way that living things make more of their own kind is called _________.


New living things produced by parent organisms are called________.


The offspring of most animals are a mixture of features from both _______.


The air, water, and soil around an organism make up its __________.


All living things respond in certain ways to _____in their environment.


Plants respond to change by ________ toward the sunlight.


The changing colors of leaves in the fall is a response to a change in _______.

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