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New Practical Chinese Reader Sentences Lesson 21


Heard your foreign student team won a soccer math. You guys with whom played the match?


Our team with China College student team matched.


You guys at where matched?


At our school played. College team's coach from national team came.


He at what time from national team came down?

他是去年从国家队下来的 。我们的队员是从不同国家来的。

He at last year from national team came down. Our team from differnt countries came.


You guys by how win?


We by 1 to 0 won.


Dawei's rent house is where?


At East side of school, from school not very far away.


You guys by how go?


We by public bus go. Get off the bus after first to right turn, then to front work three minutes, (emphasis) arrived.


House not very big?


All together 56 square meters. After engering door, left side is restroom, right side living room. Kitchen at living room north side, bedroom at living room east side. Living room outside has one balcony.

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