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US history timeline of important events 2

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US History
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1607: Jamestown founded-first successful colonial town on the east coast

1612: Tobacco made a profitable crop by John Rolfe

1619:First group of blacks brought to Virginia
First legislative assembly meets in Virginia

1620: First Pilgrims in Plymouth

1622: Indian attacks in Virginia end hopes of becoming a bi-racial society

1629: Great Puritan migration to Massachusetts Bay

1636: Harvard University founded

1676: Bacon's Rebellion- attack by frontiersmen led by Nathaniel Bacon against the Native Americans in the Virginia backcountry; when the governor opposed Bacon's action, Bacon attacked Jamestown burned it, and briefly deposed the governor before the rebellion fizzled. This revolt is often viewed as the first strike against intensive British policy, as a clash between East and West, and as evidence of the dangers of the indentured servant system
1686: Creation of Dominion of New England- attempt to streamline colonial rule by combining all the New England colonies under the control of one governor in 1688; it was dissolved after the Glorious Revolution in England when its sponsors were deposed.

1688: Glorious Revolution in England- King James II's policies, such as converting to Catholicism, conducting a series of repressive trials known as the "Bloody Assizes," and maintaining a standing army, so outraged the people of England that Parliament asked him to resign and invited King William of the Netherlands (who became known as William II in England), to take over the throne. King James II left peacefully (after his troops deserted him) and King William II and his wife Queen Mary II took the throne without any war or bloodshed, hence the revolution was termed "glorious."