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Chapter 3 key words from the book - Medical Law and Ethics, 4th ed, by B.F. Fremgen

incident report

Documenting problem areas within a hospital or other medical facility.

risk management

A practice used to control or minimize the incidence of problem behavior that might result in injury to patients and employees, and ultimately to liability for the physician/employer.


A special type of insurance made with a bonding company that covers employees who handle financial statements, records, and cash.

scope of practice

The activities a healthcare professional is allowed to perform as indicated through licensure, certification, and/or training.

respondeat superior

"Let the master answer" - an employer is liable for acts of the employee within the scope of employment.

Good Samaritan laws

State laws that help protect from liability healthcare professionals and ordinary citizens who provide care to a victim of an accident or other emergency.

guardian ad litem

An adult in court on behalf of a child in litigation.


aka running of the statute of limitations - means time has expired.

discovery rule

Legal theory that provides that the statute of limitation begins to run at the time the injury is discovered or when the patient should have know about the injury.

satute of limitations

The period of time that a patient has to file a lawsuit.


Keeping private all info about a person (patient) and not disclosing to a third party without patient's written consent.

prudent person rule

A healthcare professional, must provide info to a patient that a reasonable, prudent person would want before he/she makes a decision about treatment or refusal of treatment.

standard of care

The ordinary skill and care that all medical practitioners such as physicians, nurses, etc.


Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs - provides accreditation for programs such as medical assisting, EMT's, etc.


Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization - an agency that oversees hospital accreditation standards.


A voluntary process in which an agency is requested to officially review healthcare institutions to determine competence.


Take away.


The practice of cooperation by which a state grants a license to practice medicine to a physician already licensed in another state.


An approval or sanction.

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