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First public health officer

John Hunter

founder of scientific surgery

Dr. Alfred Blalock

developed a lifesaving operation for "blue babies"

Gabriele Fallopius

named fallopian tube

Rene Laennec

developed the stethoscope

Dr. Viven Thomas

worked closely with Dr. Blalock to do research and constructedinstruments that were used in surgical procedures

Robert koch

developed the culture plate method for isolation of bacteria

Dr.David Ho

conducted research on HIV

Crawford Williamson Long

used ether as an anesthetic agent

Christiaan Barnard

performed the first human heart transplant

Wilhem Roentgen

discovered x-ray


father of Experimental Physiology

Clara Barton

discovered the American Red Cross

Joseph Lister

father of Sterile Surgery

Walter Reed

US Army pathologist and bacteriologist who proved that yellow fever was transmitted by the bite of a mosquito

Louis Pasteur

father of Bacteriology

Jonas Salk/Albert Sabin

discovered the polio vaccine

William Harvey

discovered that the heart as a pump and that blood;s motion is a continuos cycle

Andreas Vesalius

father of Modern Anatomy

Marcello Malpighi

pioneered the use of the microscope

Edward Jenner

developed the smallpox vaccine

Alexander Fleming

discovered penicillin

Florence Nightingale

founder of nursing

Frederick Banting

discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes


Father of Medicine

Elizabeth Blackwell

first woman to recieve the Doctor of Medicine degree in the US

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

worked with lens grinding and magnification to observe microscopic organisms

Ignaz Semmelweis

Savior of Mothers

Marie Curie

Discovered radium

Paul Ehrlich

discovered the "magic bullet" 606

Horace Wells

used nitrous oxide as an anesthetic agent

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