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The new Vista

What can you do to improve your Windows experience with Windows 8?

Upgrade to Windows 7 or XP..
Switch to Linux or Mac

What is the purpose of the Metro UI being forced on current costumers?

To push advertisements on you in full screen. Refer to Xbox 360 for example. To make Bing feel like a relevant search engine. To push the use of Microsoft Mail.
To generate income from the Apps tile.

What changes were made to windows 8 that improve the desktop experience.

Improved task manager, Ribbon menu bar, Bitlocker, ISO mounting

Where is the start button in windows 8?

There isn't a start button.

Where are the Dvd playback features and Media Center applications in Windows 8?

They are not included. You can pay extra for programs that are free in windows 7

Microsoft is going to release a Windows 8 tablet called the Slate. List reasons.

1.Microsoft is trying to be more like Apple.
2.Microsoft would like there consumer units to have the same level of poor customer service in both hardware and software.
3. To decrease the revenue ability of it's manufacturing partners.

What would be a better name for Windows 8 slate?

Windows fail tablet edition

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