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  1. nonsilicate mineral
  2. nonfoliated
  3. cleavage
  4. atom
  5. fracture
  1. a the tendency of some minerals to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces
  2. b metamorphic rock that doesn't have a regular pattern
  3. c the tendency of some minerals to break along flat surfaces
  4. d smallest part of an element that has all the properties of that element
  5. e a mineral that doesn't contain sulfur and oxygen

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  1. forms when sediments are compacted and cemented together
  2. the hot liquid that forms when rock partially or completely melts
  3. the process by which one rock type changes into another
  4. forms from the cooling of magma
  5. a way to reduce the harmful effects of mining by returning the land to its original state after the mining is completed

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  1. stratifictationlayers of sedimentary rock


  2. silicate minerala mineral that contains sulfur and oxygen


  3. stratathe color of a mineral in powdered form


  4. mineralnaturally formed, inorganic solid with a crystalline structure


  5. streakthe color of a mineral in powdered form