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Where did softball start

Chicago, 1887 indoors

What was the size of ball was used in the beginning?

17 inch ball

Where and when was the outdoor version of softball played and what size was the ball?

Minneapolis/1895/12-inch ball

When was softball standardized?


What are the variations of softball?

slow pitch, fast pitch, 16 inch slow pitch and coed.

What's the object of the game?

to win by scoring more runs than the opponent

How many FP (fast pitch) players and slow pitch SP

9 FP/10SP

How many innings in softball?

7 innings with 3 outs in each half of the inning.

Who bats first?

visiting team in the top half of the inning and the home team bats first in the bottom of the inning

How long does a team bat?

until they get 3 outs.

What is the objective or goal of the batter?

to touch first plate, second plate, third plate and home plate

How are runs scored?

each time a player successfully touches home plate.

When DOESN'T the run count

when the third out is a force out or if a player is tagged out for the third out before the runner touches home

Appeal Play

a play is one in which the umpire does not have to make a decision unless requested by a coach or a player


when a fielder's throw leads to putout of a runner

Base hit

when the batter reaches first base as a result of hitting the ball without a fielder committing an error, or by way of a fielder's choice, or a result of a force out at a base

Base on Balls

when the umpire calls 4 pitches "balls" (pitches outside of the strike zone)


means a fielder has secured the ball with her hands or glove

Double Play

two outs made on the same play


a hit in which the batter safely reaches second base


charged to a fielder who misplays a ball (i.e. a dropped fly ball or throw o a fumbled round ball.)

Force Play

when a runner is forces to advance to the next base because the batter becomes a runner.

When a batter hits a ground ball with a runner on first, the runner is forced to run to second.

If a fielder touches second base with the ball in her possession before the runner reaches second, the runner is "forced out" at second base


the portion of the field containing the four bases. In terms of players the infield consists of the first, second and third basemen and the shortstop. The pitcher and the catcher (called the "battery" also are positioned in the infield)


may be recorded in a variety of ways including strikeout, force out, tag-out and fly-out


fair territory between the infield and the fence.

In terms of players the outfield consists of the left fielder, the center fielder and the right fielder. In slow-pitch there are four outfielders: left, left center, right center and right fielders.


credited with the appropriate number or runs batted-in RBIS when her hit is responsible for one or more runners scoring

Sacrifice Fly

a batter whose caught fly ball results in a runner on third base tagging up and scoring

Fast Pitch

a runner may attempt to steal a base after the pitcher has released the ball.

Slow pitch

no stealing is allowed

A pitched ball is in the batter's__________ __________ when it is over any part of home plate between her ____________and the top of her ________.

strike zone/armpits/knees

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