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  1. How did Christianity spread throughout the years? (MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!)
  2. In AD 135, the Roman army, under the emperor _________, brutally pout down the last Jewish revolt.
  3. Name three names of the country that Jerusalem is in that were discussed in class.
  4. Who did the actual construction of the roads?
  5. Who were Rabbis?
  1. a The army would (It kept them disciplined while getting work done)
  2. b It accepts everyone (no fees for sacrifices); promised hope and freedom from penalties of wrongdoing; all classes converted as conditions in Rome worsened; people were curious about beliefs (saw Martyrs); Emperors (Theodosius and Constantine); organized church
  3. c Province of Judea, Palestine, Israel
  4. d Hadrian
  5. e Jewish scholars who interpreted scripture and were learned in Jewish law

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  1. Conducted local services and ceremonies
  2. False: Lady Claudius is part of it
  3. Jews were monotheistic and believed in one god. In addition they believed in a Messiah, or savior, to lead them to freedom
  4. They would use strigiling to clean themselves after their vigorous workout.
  5. The Pope would make a decision, tell the Patriarchs, who in turn would tell the bishops who told the priests. Through this a prayer that was being done in Rome would be the same as a prayer being done in Alexandria.

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  1. What does "Pope" mean in Latin?They socialized, were entertained, and ate.


  2. Where would Romans worship?At home every day in front of an alter


  3. Which emperor bans the Olympic Games?Theodosius


  4. Why did the Romans have so many gods?They used the gods to represent the aspects of nature that they did not understand


  5. What is the central event of Christianity? Explain why.They socialized, were entertained, and ate.