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  1. What would a citizen do in the Tepidarium?
  2. How many people did the Colosseum hold?
  3. In AD 312, the Roman emperor _________ declared his support for Christianity.
  4. List the four levels of leadership in ascending order. (Least powerful to most)
  5. What profession is Galerius Traculus?
  1. a Unethical real estate developer
  2. b They would use strigiling to clean themselves after their vigorous workout.
  3. c Priests, bishops, patriarchs, pope
  4. d Constantine
  5. e 50,000

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  1. Theodosius
  2. 60,000 miles
  3. Greece
  4. For her youth (he wanted to have a son)
  5. They used a grid system

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  1. Who are martyrs?Ancestral spirits


  2. How were laps kept track of?They would put down a statue of a dolphin for every lap so the audience would know what lap it was.


  3. Who had the title of head priest?Supreme leader over all bishops and patriarchs


  4. What types of events were held in the Colosseum?Yes, small nominal fee


  5. Explain how the churches were "highly organized".Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.