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  1. Why did the Romans have so many gods?
  2. Who, according to the book, most likely killed Lucius?
  3. In 70 A.D. what happens that causes the Second Temple to be destroyed?
  4. Over time what did the patriarch name turn into?
  5. Who were Zealots?
  1. a They used the gods to represent the aspects of nature that they did not understand
  2. b The Jews revolt
  3. c Pope
  4. d Rebellious Jews who believed that Judaism would be weakened by outside influences and therefore supported rebellion against Rome to establish their own independent state
  5. e Cassius Macedo

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  1. Peter
  2. Closest followers of Jesus
  3. Conducted local services and ceremonies
  4. False: Lucius is retired from politics
  5. Survey the site, excavate to bedrock, layer with ingredients, pave with cement

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  1. Why were Christians persecuted?They would put down a statue of a dolphin for every lap so the audience would know what lap it was.


  2. Where was Atticus most likely from?Sumer


  3. List ALL of Jesus' teachingsReinforced monotheism and 10 commandments; love god above all else; love others as yourself; forgiveness for wrong doing; heavenly reward (hope)


  4. What was on the Spina?The dolphins and eggshells and statues because the Romans liked to mix beauty with excellence in construction


  5. What profession did Aristide have?Astrologer