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  1. What profession is Galerius Traculus?
  2. What was the job of the Pope?
  3. Name the three visions that Aristide had.
  4. Why were Christians persecuted?
  5. Where does G-D tell Abraham to go?
  1. a Supreme leader over all bishops and patriarchs
  2. b Unethical real estate developer
  3. c Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.
  4. d West to the Promise Land
  5. e Christians were persecuted mainly because of the fact that they would try to convert others to their religion, unlike Jews. In addition, since one of the testaments says, "Thou shalt not kill" the Christians would protest outside places, such as the Colosseum

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  1. Transporting a spirit to heaven
  2. Turmoil and conspiracies soon to arise
  3. Patron (advocate) for the people
  4. His fortune and freedom
  5. Jews were monotheistic and believed in one god. In addition they believed in a Messiah, or savior, to lead them to freedom

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  1. Who made Christianity the official religion of the empire?Peter


  2. What did the eclipse vision represent?The gods getting angry due to the conspiracy to kill the emperor


  3. Why does Hadrian rename Judea to Palestine?Emperor


  4. Hadrian banned all Jews from the holy city of _________.4


  5. Around 27 A.D. what is Jesus doing?He is a wandering preacher who attracts crowds


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