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  1. What was the job of the bishops?
  2. Who was the proconsul who put Jesus on trial?
  3. What is an aqueduct?
  4. In AD 135, the Roman army, under the emperor _________, brutally pout down the last Jewish revolt.
  5. Who had the title of head priest?
  1. a Hadrian
  2. b Pontius Pilate
  3. c System that brings water from the mountains into the cities
  4. d Emperor
  5. e Headed church in each city

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  1. Unethical real estate developer
  2. Palestine is the Greek word for Philistines, the people who had lived in Judea before the Jews came
  3. Yes, small nominal fee
  4. He is a wandering preacher who attracts crowds
  5. They believed in harmony with the gods and had temples, ceremonies, and processions.

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  1. What does "Pope" mean in Latin?Father


  2. Where was Aristide from?Gaul


  3. Who was the closest emperor to the period of "Atticus of Rome"?Peter


  4. Who, according to the book, most likely killed Lucius?He wanted the money from the inheritance


  5. How many horses were in a standard team in the Circus Maximus?6


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