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  1. In AD 325 the council at _______ wrote down the main beliefs of the church.
  2. Around 27 A.D. what is Jesus doing?
  3. Where was Abraham from?
  4. Who conquered the Assyrians?
  5. Who was the closest emperor to the period of "Atticus of Rome"?
  1. a Octavian
  2. b Sumer
  3. c Persians
  4. d Nicaea
  5. e He is a wandering preacher who attracts crowds

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  1. Lucius is loyal (protects the Emperor by trying to unmask the conspiracy plot), ethical (instead of making more money by taking the Senate job he decides to help out his friend by quitting politics to listen to conspiracies), and trustworthy (Emperor relies on him to quietly gather information about the people who are forming a conspiracy to kill him)
  2. They used a grid system
  3. The four gospels and the Roman records (Romans kept meticulous records about everyone)
  4. Theodosius
  5. False: Lady Claudius is part of it

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  1. What was the Spina?Part of the Circus Maximus, "spine", in the middle that kept track of the laps.


  2. Name the three visions that Aristide had.Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.


  3. List the materials used to construct a road.Rubble, kerb stones, sand, cement


  4. What did the eclipse vision represent?The gods getting angry due to the conspiracy to kill the emperor


  5. What king of sacrifices would the Romans put on the alter?Food, wine, etc.