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  1. Steps in building a road:
  2. Who made Christianity the official religion of the empire?
  3. Name the three visions that Aristide had.
  4. Who was worshiped as a divine monarch?
  5. In AD 312, the Roman emperor _________ declared his support for Christianity.
  1. a Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.
  2. b Emperor
  3. c Constantine
  4. d Survey the site, excavate to bedrock, layer with ingredients, pave with cement
  5. e Theodosius

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  1. Palestine is the Greek word for Philistines, the people who had lived in Judea before the Jews came
  2. Use of an arch and concrete
  3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Together they are all known as the New Testament
  4. Jews are banned from Jerusalem and Judea is renamed to Palestine
  5. Reinforced monotheism and 10 commandments; love god above all else; love others as yourself; forgiveness for wrong doing; heavenly reward (hope)

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  1. Who were Zealots?Rebellious Jews who believed that Judaism would be weakened by outside influences and therefore supported rebellion against Rome to establish their own independent state


  2. What would a citizen first do upon entering the Baths?They would cool down in a very cold room where they were refreshed and their pores were closed.


  3. Was there an awning over the Colosseum?Gladiator games, mock sea battles, executions, etc.


  4. By the 600's the Jews are a__people.conquered


  5. What was the job of the Pope?Headed church in each city