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  1. Regulation of hunger
  2. Tx of DM 1
  3. Magnocellular neurosecratory neurons
  4. Medical problems w/ type 1 DM
  5. Sxr of neurohypophysial hormones
  1. a insulin replacement; monitor BSG levels; B cell transplant; insertion fo insulin gene in other cell types
  2. b nonapeptides, 12 different ones, 2 different horms in a spp (exceptions: cyclostomes, lamprey and hagfish -- only have arginine vasotocin)
  3. c uremia, renal failure, MI, CVA, blindness, gangrene, PVD, impotence (loss of small vessel/nerves), failure of wounds to heal, tissue damage from hyperglycemia
  4. d Ghrelin (stimulates ) and Obestatin (suppresses); ratio important; precursor molecule has opposite effect
  5. e paraventricular nucleus, supraoptic nucleus, preoptic nucleus (PON)

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  1. roof of mouth -- turns into adeno
  2. intestinal peptide encoded in proglucagon gene; produced by L cells of the intestine; stimulates insulin release in presence of glucose and suppresses glucagon secretion
  3. neurohorms produced by neurosecratory neurons of hypothalamus that regulate release of AP horms
  4. hypoglycemia; AA (arginine and alanine blocked by glucose); Epi, norepi
  5. released from adipose cells; gene termed -ob for obese

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  1. Parvocellular neurosecreatory neurons of hypothalamusB cells (insulin) a cells (glucagon) D cells (SST) F cells (PP, pancreatic polypeptide)


  2. Effects of PRL on reproductionincrease glucose uptake indirectly by stimulating glucokinase which inhibits glucose-6 phosphate; inc glucose storage by stimulating glucose sythetase; inc lipid sythesis by stimulating triglyceride sythetase


  3. Formation of Vit D37-dehydrocholesterol: from liver to skin: is converted to Vit D3, enters blood, binds to protein, adds hydroxyl groups


  4. Insulinhypoglycemic hormone that dec BSG levels, inc m/m of glucose into cells


  5. Pelagefur color in mammals; ex: short tailed weasel, white fur in winter (inc aMSH), brown fur in summer (dec aMSH)