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  1. aMSH fxn
  2. aMSH cleared from ACTH sections of POMC
  3. Corticotropin
  4. Formation of Vit D3
  5. Gluconeogenesis
  1. a alternate name: Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
  2. b Pars distalis (corticotrophs) -> ACTH; Pars intermedia (melanotrophs) ->ACTH and enzymes to break down ACTH to aMSH --> aMSH and CLIP
  3. c affects pigmentation via cation of malanophores
  4. d Glucose preduction from noncarb carbon substrates: AA from proteins, glycerol from fats
  5. e 7-dehydrocholesterol: from liver to skin: is converted to Vit D3, enters blood, binds to protein, adds hydroxyl groups

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  1. suckling: OT release; OT inhibits P synthesis by corpus luteum or ovary -> development of blastocyte; AVT mediates egg laying in sea turtles
  2. emaciation from muscle breakdown; use of gluconeogenic AAs for energy
  3. fur color in mammals; ex: short tailed weasel, white fur in winter (inc aMSH), brown fur in summer (dec aMSH)
  4. Discovered sxr of hypophysiotropic horms: (pyro) glu his pro nh2 -- correct sxr of TRH
  5. rickets (failure in kids) osteomalacia (in adults) Paget's dz ( weak bones due to excessive osteoclasts)

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  1. OT (oxytocin) releaseInc Ca stimulates release; gastrin stimulates release


  2. Neurovascular hypothesisincrease amount of hormone released: Prolactin (synthesis and release inhibited by dopamine), aMSH (controlled by dopamine)


  3. Catabolisminsulin inhibits, glucagon stimulates; fuel source: storage depots; glycogenolysis, lipolysis, proteolysis


  4. Factors affecting AVP release: plasma osmolalityAVP less sensitive than response to changes in osmolality, 5% dec in BP, 8% dec in BV; important with hemorrhage and blood loss, location of arterial baroreceptors: aortic arch, carotid sinus, lt atrium


  5. Glucose sparingusing substances other than blucose to generate energy: FFA from fats