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  1. Factors affecting AVP release: blood volume/pressure
  2. Glucose homeostasis
  3. Hormone synthesizing cells
  4. Fxn of GI hormones in digestive movements
  5. Pelage
  1. a fur color in mammals; ex: short tailed weasel, white fur in winter (inc aMSH), brown fur in summer (dec aMSH)
  2. b Flux in and out of blood in a controlling point; balance of glucose production and utilization; hormone regulators: insulin, glucagon, cortisol, epi, GH; improtant tissues that regulate glucose; liver, adipose tissue, muscle
  3. c suffix: tropes; ex: gonadotropes (synthesize LH, TSH)
  4. d AVP less sensitive than response to changes in osmolality, 5% dec in BP, 8% dec in BV; important with hemorrhage and blood loss, location of arterial baroreceptors: aortic arch, carotid sinus, lt atrium
  5. e enzye, acid/base secretion; smooth muscle contraction; horm release from pancreatic islets; growth promoting actions

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  1. Pars distalis (corticotrophs) -> ACTH; Pars intermedia (melanotrophs) ->ACTH and enzymes to break down ACTH to aMSH --> aMSH and CLIP
  2. CCK-A in pancreas acinar cells, CCK-B in brain and stomach, G receptor similar to CCk-B
  3. neurotransmitter; inhibits prolactin release; agonists inhibit PRL release from AP, antagonists stimulate release; Hyperprolactinemia in 28% women with menstrual abnormalities, treat with dopamine agonists (parlodel, bromocryptine mesylate)
  4. Melanin pigment; eumelanins (black/brown) and pehomelanins (yellow/red); pig's in melanostomes (fully melanized organelle); located in dermis/epidermis
  5. inhibitory effects of release of ACTH

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  1. Diencephalonstimulates glucocorticoid synthesis in adrenal cortex


  2. Hypophysiotropic neurohormonesprevent hypercalcemia after meals; mineralization of bone in pre-weaning young; protect against Ca loss in pregnancy, lactation and prolonged Ca deprivation


  3. GnRH fxn (gonadotropin RH)key neurohypophysial hormone, constricts preglomular arterioles in birds/reptiles, increase h2o permeability in the skin of frogs and urinary bladder of toads


  4. Neuroendocrine reflex regulating pigment dispersionHyperglycemia, AA, FFA, ketone bodies, glucagon, acetylcholine (vagal nerve), gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), glucagon like peptide-1 (GLP-1)


  5. CCK fxnsdiverse in vertebrates (reproduction, growth and development, water/electrolyte balance, integument (skin, hair feathers)


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