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  1. MSH stimulation of melanin sythesis
  2. Neuroendocrine reflex regulating pigment dispersion
  3. Evidence for NV hypothesis
  4. Gastrin release
  5. Anandamide
  1. a dark backgroun -> inhibit dopamine, inc MSH, dark skin; light backgroun, CNS stimulates dopamine, dec MSH, light background ::: track from retina through brain
  2. b endogenous cannabinoid receptor; agonists that stimulate appetite; Leptin inhibits anandamide induced feeding
  3. c interruption of vascular system altered horm secretion; reciprocal transplantation of pit gland between M and F rats indicated that hypothalamus controls AP fxn (not gender specific)
  4. d food (peptides, AA, IFA), distention of stomach, activity of vagus nerve (GRP) inhibited by SST
  5. e tyrosinase improtant in formmation of DOPA which is basic structure leading ot melanin

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  1. aMSH from larger precursor; Peptides from pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC), heptapeptide sequence conserved
  2. panhypopituitarism - total loss of secretion
  3. hypoglycemia; AA (arginine and alanine blocked by glucose); Epi, norepi
  4. neurotransmitter; inhibits prolactin release; agonists inhibit PRL release from AP, antagonists stimulate release; Hyperprolactinemia in 28% women with menstrual abnormalities, treat with dopamine agonists (parlodel, bromocryptine mesylate)
  5. integrated functional units; important in rapid color change in amphibians and reptiles (ex: green anole lizard, brown vs green)

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  1. LH fxnsF (stimulates ovulation, corpus luteum formation, estrogen synthesis) M (stimulates T synthesis by Leydig cells)


  2. Tx for GH deficiencyGenotropsin ex of hGH, excess GH long acting analogs of SST


  3. Neurohemal organposterior pit (pars nervosa, infundibulum)


  4. Nucleuscollection of nerve cell bodies in CNS; supraoptic and paraventricular (more oxytocin)


  5. Ketone bodiesAcetone, Acetoacetic acid, B-hydroxybutyric acid