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  1. CCK fxns
  2. Adenohypophysis
  3. Epidermal melanin unit
  4. Fxns of neurohypophysial horms
  5. Secretin
  1. a osmoregulate, contractile regulation (vasopressin-osmo, OT -contractile activity: uterine, milk release, orgasm); Vasopressin - antidiuretic, ADH, increase permeability of collecting ducts to water
  2. b Anterior pit (pars tuberalis, pars distalis, pars intermedia)
  3. c S cells of dueodenum synthesize them; acid stimulates release (not release when pH >4.5)p; inc bicarb secretion from pancreas
  4. d gallbladder contractions, relaxation of sphincter of oddi, inhibition of gastric emptying, inc pancreatic enzyme secretion and bicarb secretion, stimulates growth exocrine pancreas
  5. e consists of melanocyte and epidermal cell; impt in human skin/hair color, aMSH in humans not controlling amt of pigment produced usually, aMSH does play a role in other mammals

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  1. protein released from stomach; levels rise before meals; experiment with rodents showed that ones treated wtih horm ate more and gained weight; humans treated at 30% more at a buffet
  2. Continual AVP release independent of plasma osmolality; sxs: dec urine volume, hyponatremia, hypoosmality
  3. excess urine; glucose acts as diuretic; Na slats of ketone bodies also diuretics; leased to hemoconcentration, circulation failure, oliguria
  4. insulin stimulates, glucagon inhibits; fuel source: diet; glycogenesis, lipogenesis, protein sythesis
  5. glucogenic AA can be converted to carbs: alanin and glutamine most impt, leucine and lysine cant be used

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  1. Calcitonin (CT)increase insulin sensitivity; levles inversely related to body fat; acts wtih insulin to inc glucose uptake and metabolism in muscle and block glucose formation in liver; decreased in DM2


  2. CCK and feedingCCK-A in pancreas acinar cells, CCK-B in brain and stomach, G receptor similar to CCk-B


  3. Failures in nl bone mineralizationRK activated receptor phosphorylates tyrosines of proteins; Glucose transporter systems;


  4. Adipokinesinduce insulin resistance: Resistin (proinflammatory, TZD's) IL-6 (proinflammatory, inc with obesity and DM) TNF-a (proinflammatory cytokine,r elease by visceral fat more than subcutaneous)


  5. Binding of 1,25(OH)2D3 to HSPsCan form heterodimers, ect