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  1. Factors stimulating glucagon release
  2. Gastrin fxns
  3. Cells and hormones of islets of Langerhans
  4. Pars intermedia
  5. Regulation of CT release
  1. a Primarily to increase HCL (release of H+ from stomach parietal cells) directly and indirectly (via stimulataing HCL cells to release histamine that stimulates the parietal cells via H2 receptors); inc calcitonin release and gastric mucosal growth
  2. b B cells (insulin) a cells (glucagon) D cells (SST) F cells (PP, pancreatic polypeptide)
  3. c Inc Ca stimulates release; gastrin stimulates release
  4. d hypoglycemia; AA (arginine and alanine blocked by glucose); Epi, norepi
  5. e source of melanotropins; present in cyclostomes, amph, reptile and most mammals (well defined pars intermedia or lobe wtih MSH secreting cells); not present in birds, whales/dolphins, adult humans (present in fetus)

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  1. human (MSH causes development of fetal zone prior to birht, ACTH causes development of cortex after birth) sheep (switch from MSH to ACTH increasing cortisol sythesis, which induces birth of lamb)
  2. Haptic blutathione insulin dehydrogenase (liver) separates A and B chains; half life is about 5 min
  3. aka glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide, enterogastrone; made in K cells, small intestine; stimulus for release are fats and glucose
  4. regulate activity of endocrine cells of hypophysis
  5. distributed diffusely; clear cells tained by silver or chromium salts; termed: argyphil cells, argentaffin cells, enterochromaaffic cells, or enterochromaffin like cells(ECL); GI and pacreatic horms = gastroenteropancreatic horms

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  1. Mech of gastrinS cells of dueodenum synthesize them; acid stimulates release (not release when pH >4.5)p; inc bicarb secretion from pancreas


  2. Tx of DM 1Juvenile onset, insulin dependent; lack of insulin; requires insulin replacement; 20% of cases, most serious; 90% childhood cases; mortality 10x nl


  3. Basophilicpolypeptide horm released by B cells at smae time as insulin; dec BSG by inhibiting glucagon induced hepatic glucose release, inhibits gastric emptying, appetite and food intake; DM2 less amylin released than nl; Symilin synthetic analog of amylin, improves glycemic control


  4. LH fxnsprotein released from stomach; levels rise before meals; experiment with rodents showed that ones treated wtih horm ate more and gained weight; humans treated at 30% more at a buffet


  5. Neurovascular hypothesisposterior pit (pars nervosa, infundibulum)