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  1. Type 2 DM
  2. Regulation of hunger
  3. Electrolyte depletion
  4. Triglycerides
  5. Insulin
  1. a Inc K+ in urine
  2. b Ghrelin (stimulates ) and Obestatin (suppresses); ratio important; precursor molecule has opposite effect
  3. c hypoglycemic hormone that dec BSG levels, inc m/m of glucose into cells
  4. d Maturity onset, non insulin; most common; insulin level may be low nl or high; insulin normally not required to tx but may facilitate management
  5. e Broken down by lipases to glycerol and FFA; Glycerol converted to glucose by gluconeogenesis, FFA converted to acetyl CoA by glucose sparing

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  1. Inc Ca stimulates release; gastrin stimulates release
  2. dec in release of PTH; causes tetany and convulsions; tapping facial muscles detects latent tetany; pseudohypoparathyroidism - nl PTH levels, low Ca levels, failure to generate cAMP
  3. inc during sleep/pregnancy; stimulated by nursing; inhibited by dopamine
  4. excess glucose in blood binds to proteins, glycosylated proteins accumulate in eye membranes, kidneys, nerves, vascular system and other organs, inhibi nl fxn
  5. stimulate growth, extracellular deposition of bones, lipases that convert triglycerides to FFAs and body fat

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  1. Vasoactive Intestinal peptide (VIP)hypercalcemic agent produced by tumors, nl physio fxns in growth and development (inc fetal serum Ca, tooth eruption, mammary gland development)


  2. Arginine Vasotocin (AVT)Converts alanine to pyruvic acid which produces glucose (gluconeogenesis) and acetyl CoA (glucose sparing)


  3. Effects of insulin on liverincrease glucose uptake indirectly by stimulating glucokinase which inhibits glucose-6 phosphate; inc glucose storage by stimulating glucose sythetase; inc lipid sythesis by stimulating triglyceride sythetase


  4. DM 1 may be autoimmuneantibodies invade islets,d estroy B cells; antibody formation mayb e triggered by virus; genetic contribution


  5. Somatomedin hypothesissays GH actions are mediated by somatomedins produced in liver and other tissue; Ex: insulin like growth factors (IGF)