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  1. Melanophores
  2. Dermal chromatophore unit
  3. Amylin
  4. GLUT-4
  5. Mech of gastrin
  1. a polypeptide horm released by B cells at smae time as insulin; dec BSG by inhibiting glucagon induced hepatic glucose release, inhibits gastric emptying, appetite and food intake; DM2 less amylin released than nl; Symilin synthetic analog of amylin, improves glycemic control
  2. b CCK & G inc IP3 which inc free Ca2+, evolved from a CCk ancestral molecule :: fish/amph only have CCk, reptiles/birds/mammals have CCK and G
  3. c integrated functional units; important in rapid color change in amphibians and reptiles (ex: green anole lizard, brown vs green)
  4. d Melanin pigment; eumelanins (black/brown) and pehomelanins (yellow/red); pig's in melanostomes (fully melanized organelle); located in dermis/epidermis
  5. e insulin sensitive; in skeletal and cardiac muscle, adipose tissue; insulin causes 20-40 fold inc in glucose transport rate; 80% of insulin mediated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle

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  1. Flux in and out of blood in a controlling point; balance of glucose production and utilization; hormone regulators: insulin, glucagon, cortisol, epi, GH; improtant tissues that regulate glucose; liver, adipose tissue, muscle
  2. produce less leptin to eat more
  3. says GH actions are mediated by somatomedins produced in liver and other tissue; Ex: insulin like growth factors (IGF)
  4. increase insulin sensitivity; levles inversely related to body fat; acts wtih insulin to inc glucose uptake and metabolism in muscle and block glucose formation in liver; decreased in DM2
  5. key neurohypophysial hormone, constricts preglomular arterioles in birds/reptiles, increase h2o permeability in the skin of frogs and urinary bladder of toads

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  1. Somatostatin SSTPrimarily to increase HCL (release of H+ from stomach parietal cells) directly and indirectly (via stimulataing HCL cells to release histamine that stimulates the parietal cells via H2 receptors); inc calcitonin release and gastric mucosal growth


  2. Raphe's pouchJuvenile onset, insulin dependent; lack of insulin; requires insulin replacement; 20% of cases, most serious; 90% childhood cases; mortality 10x nl


  3. Oral insulins`diverse in vertebrates (reproduction, growth and development, water/electrolyte balance, integument (skin, hair feathers)


  4. Factors affecting AVP release: plasma osmolalityhypoglycemia; AA (arginine and alanine blocked by glucose); Epi, norepi


  5. aMSH fxnaffects pigmentation via cation of malanophores