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  1. Fxs of 1,25(OH)2D3
  2. Dermal chromatophore unit
  3. GH related dz
  4. Problem with protein glycosylation
  5. CCK and feeding
  1. a integrated functional units; important in rapid color change in amphibians and reptiles (ex: green anole lizard, brown vs green)
  2. b Dwarfism (underproduction); Gigantism (excess GH, linear bone growth); Acromegaly (excess GH in adults)
  3. c excess glucose in blood binds to proteins, glycosylated proteins accumulate in eye membranes, kidneys, nerves, vascular system and other organs, inhibi nl fxn
  4. d Intesting (stimulate sythesis of Ca-binding protein, inc # Ca channels) :: Kidney (inc Ca reabsorption) :: Bone (accretion of new bone during remodeling) :: PT gland ( inhibits PTH synthesis)
  5. e inhibits feeding behavior; bulemic people release les CCk than nl people; anorexia of aging inc sensitivity to CCK and dec feeding

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  1. hypercalcemic agent produced by tumors, nl physio fxns in growth and development (inc fetal serum Ca, tooth eruption, mammary gland development)
  2. aka glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide, enterogastrone; made in K cells, small intestine; stimulus for release are fats and glucose
  3. stimulate release of TSH in homeotherms (mammals/birds); useful to test ability of pituitary to produce TSH
  4. inc glucose uptake and use, glycerol synthesis, FFA uptake (via stimulating lipoprotein lipase in endothelial cells); dec lipolysis in fat cells via inhibiting lipases
  5. insulin insensitive, in the liver and pancreas, bi-directional transport, direction depends on glucose concentration

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  1. Muscle wastingemaciation from muscle breakdown; use of gluconeogenic AAs for energy


  2. Clinical importance GnRHinduce ovulation; treat oligospermia, constant exposure causes gonadotrope desensitization; GnRH longacting analogs = antifertility agent


  3. FSH fxnsF (stimulate development of ovarian follicles) M (stimulate synthesis of androgen binding protein in sertolli cells, formation of LH receptors in Leydig cells)


  4. Binding of 1,25(OH)2D3 to HSPsCan form heterodimers, ect


  5. Vasoactive Intestinal peptide (VIP)Inc K+ in urine