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  1. DM 1 may be autoimmune
  2. Adrenal gland
  3. Category 1 hormones (GH, PRL)
  4. Glucose homeostasis
  5. aMSH fxn
  1. a antibodies invade islets,d estroy B cells; antibody formation mayb e triggered by virus; genetic contribution
  2. b similar size (191/199); common AA
  3. c affects pigmentation via cation of malanophores
  4. d Flux in and out of blood in a controlling point; balance of glucose production and utilization; hormone regulators: insulin, glucagon, cortisol, epi, GH; improtant tissues that regulate glucose; liver, adipose tissue, muscle
  5. e human (MSH causes development of fetal zone prior to birht, ACTH causes development of cortex after birth) sheep (switch from MSH to ACTH increasing cortisol sythesis, which induces birth of lamb)

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  1. dark backgroun -> inhibit dopamine, inc MSH, dark skin; light backgroun, CNS stimulates dopamine, dec MSH, light background ::: track from retina through brain
  2. insulin release in response to glucose; inhibits gastric acid secretion; anabolic action on adipose cells (FFA to triglycerides);
  3. Hyperglycemia, Insulin, SST
  4. consists of melanocyte and epidermal cell; impt in human skin/hair color, aMSH in humans not controlling amt of pigment produced usually, aMSH does play a role in other mammals
  5. more highly associated with metabolic syndrome, releases adipokines: hormones that regulate energy and glucose homeostasis

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  1. Hormones regulating CaParathyroid (PTH), Calcitonin (CT), 1a,25dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1,25(OH)2D3] = VitD = calcitrol


  2. TSH fxnsstimulates thyroid gland


  3. Tx of DM 1stimulates thyroid gland


  4. Electrolyte depletionInc K+ in urine


  5. Factors affecting AVP release: plasma osmolalitystimulates ACTH release; stress stimulates CRH release; cholinergic pathways important, atropine can block pathways