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Individual letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, and spaces.


An area of memory in windows that temporarily stores up to 24 cut or copied selections.


To duplicate a selection so you can paste it into another location.


To remove a selection from a location in a file.


To use the mouse to move or copy a selection by dragging a selection and dropping it in a new location.

first line indent

Indenting only the first line of a paragraph in a document.


The design of a set of letters and numbers.

hanging indent

Indenting all the lines from the left except the first one in a Word document.


The spaces between text and the margin.


Dotted, dashed, or solid lines used to fill the empty space before a tab stop.

negative indent

An indent that extends into the left margin.


Any amount of text or other items followed by a paragraph mark.


To insert copied or moved contents to another location.

point size

A measurement for the height of characters.

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