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chapter 3
-Lenina Crowne, a Beta Plus, discusses her four-month relationship with Alpha Henry Foster with her friend Fanny Crowne, a Beta. Fanny is upset that Lenina is having such a long relationship with only one man. She quotes the phrase "everyone belongs to everyone" and tells Lenina to have sex with other men. Lenina agrees with Fanny and tells her that she likes Bernard Marx, an Alpha Plus, and has decided to join him on a trip to the Savage Reservations. Fanny is skeptical and says that she thinks Marx is a loner and an introvert.
- The scene shifts to a public bathroom and showering room, where Lenina is chatting with Fanny Crowne. At age nineteen, Fanny is starting to take a temporary Pregnancy Substitute because she feels "out of sorts." The Pregnancy Substitute mimics the hormonal effects of pregnancy. Fanny expresses surprise that Lenina is still dating Henry exclusively after four months. She advises Lenina to be more promiscuous, as a virtuous member of World State should. Lenina mentions that Bernard Marx, an Alpha Plus hypnopaedia specialist, invited her to the Savage Reservation. Fanny warns that Bernard has a bad reputation for spending time alone and is smaller and less confident than other Alphas. Fanny mentions the rumors that someone might have accidentally injected alcohol into his blood surrogate when he was in the bottle. Lenina decides to accept Bernard's invitation because she thinks Bernard is sweet and wants to see the Reservation. Fanny admires Lenina's Malthusian belt, a contraceptive holder that was a gift from Henry.
Chapter 6
- Bernard visits the Director and receives permission to take Lenina to the Savage Reservations. The Director relates a story of how, 25 years prior, he had taken a blond Beta Minus woman to the reservation. While on an excursion, they ended up in a storm, and she disappeared. The Director shows a great deal of remorse and claims that he still dreams of the incident. At the end of the story, he realizes that he has revealed emotions that he has never forgotten. This upsets him because society forbids such displays of emotion over past events, and strong emotions are supposed to be impossible because of genetic engineering.

The Director yells at Bernard for failing to conform to societal standards. He threatens to send Bernard to Iceland if the latter does not begin to conform his personal life to the demands of society. Bernard returns home and brags to Helmholtz about his encounter with the Director by embellishing the details. He tells Helmholtz that he confronted the Director and told him to go to the "Bottomless Pit," even though this account is false. Helmholtz is unimpressed, and hates the way Bernard goes from self-pity to arrogant boasting.
-he goes to get the Director's permission to visit the Reservation. He braces himself for the Director's disapproval of his unusual behavior. When the Director presents the permit, he mentions that he took a trip there with a woman twenty years before. She was lost during a storm and has not been seen since. When Bernard says that he must have suffered a terrible shock, the Director immediately realizes that he has been revealing too much of his personal life. He criticizes Bernard for his antisocial behavior and threatens to exile him to Iceland if his impropriety persists. Bernard leaves the office feeling proud of being considered a rebel.
Helmholtz and Bernard go to visit John, who is vomiting in his room. When they ask him what is wrong, he replies, "I ate civilization... It poisoned me." John tells the two men that he visited Mustapha Mond that morning and asked if he could join them on the island. Mustapha refused his request, indicating that he wanted to continue the experiment of reconciling John to civilization.

Seeking solitude, John runs away and finds an abandoned lighthouse, which he makes his home. He spends the first night on his knees in contrition and repentance to his gods so that he will be worthy to enter the lighthouse and inhabit it. John makes a bow and arrows in order to shoot game for food. He also sets up a small garden to provide food for the next year. John starts singing while making the bow, but he recalls his vows to remember Linda and make amends to her soul. Out of anger at his forgetfulness, John starts to beat himself with a knotted cord.

Three Delta Minus landworkers happen to see John beating himself. Amazed by this incredible display, they return to town where they tell everyone about it. Three days later reporters begin to arrive, trying to get an interview. John kicks the first man to approach him so hard that the man cannot sit comfortably afterward. The other reporters get the same treatment and begin to leave him alone. A few hover in helicopters, but when he shoots an arrow through the floor of the nearest one they too back off.

A few days later, while digging in his garden, John starts to think about Lenina. He immediately tries to get her out of his mind by masochistically running into some thorn bushes, but he still remembers the smell of her perfume. He then grabs his whip and begins to lash himself on the back ferociously.

Unluckily, a reporter named Darwin Bonaparte is hiding in the woods and records the entire scene. The movie is made into a feelie and within a day of its release, several hundred helicopters arrive at the lighthouse with spectators. A huge crowd forms and they all start shouting for him to use the whip. While they chant the phrase, "We - want - the whip," a helicopter arrives with Henry Foster and Lenina.

Lenina steps out of the helicopter to talk to John, but he cannot hear her over the roar of the crowd. His confusion turns to rage, and he rushes at her with the whip, beating her repeatedly to kill the flesh. In this state of hysteria, the crowd starts to chant "Orgy-porgy." They dance and sing until John loses himself in the hysteria.

Several hours later, John lies on the heather in a soma-induced sleep after an evening of sensual frenzy. When he wakes up and remembers what occurred, he cries, "Oh, my God, my God!" That night, the spectators that arrive cannot find him. They enter the lighthouse and see feet dangling from the archway. John has committed suicide.