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Adolescent Psychology

G. Stanley Hall
Transition from bestiality to humanity
Margaret Mead
said: many cultures see adolescence as an enjoyable time, our view of it as stressful is more so a result of our industrialized society
Robert Havighurst
stress may arise for adolescents when they confront challenging developmental tasks
Girls 10-14
Growth spurt starts at ten, develop more fat tissue, grow 2-3 inches per year, hips and breasts fill out, have first menstruation (menarche) o Girls who mature earlier are uncomfortable with the attention they receive from boys, more likely to become sexually active, teen mothers produce teen mothers (8 million reported teen pregnancies)
Boys 11-16
heart grows larger voice deepens, develop more muscle tissue have first ejaculation (spermarche) o Boys who mature earlier become leaders in social situations, heroes in sports
uneven maturation of body parts (big hands, too long legs)
Cognitive Development
thinking patterns characteristic of adulthood emerge in adolescence
Dr. Elkind
new cognitive skills can lead to new aspects of personality
Dr. Elkind: Fault with authority
Find fault with authority figures, these people fall short of their ideals
Elkind Argumentativeness
argue any problem for the sake of argument, build own view points by arguing any problem that presents itself
Elkind Indecisiveness
aware of many choices, have trouble making decisions
Elkind self-consciousness
feel that everyone is thinking of them
Elkind Apparent hypocrisy
can't live up to ideals that they talk about
Elkind Invulnerability
feel unique, not subject to rules, can't be hurt
Erik Erikson's Theory
Theory of Identity Crisis
James Marcia
developed four states of identity crisis: • 4 attempts to achieve identity
Identity Moratorium Adolescents
seriously consider issues but have not made a final decisions, there is no commitment but there is consideration
Identity Foreclosure Adolescents
peer pressure-ish, acting based on others suggestions, have made a firm commitment but it is not based on the suggestion of others, no consideration but there is commitment
Identity Confused Adolescents
no serious thought to decision making, no serious thoughts on identity no consideration or commitment
Identity Achievement Adolescents
considered many possible identities and freely committed to one, there is consideration and commitment
Behavioral View of Adolescent Cog. Development
Social Learning View
A.C. Peterson
crisis is not a normal state of affairs, if there is a lot of stress it is caused by teen's environment not a biological trigger
Albert Bandura
Human development is a continuous process we develop by interacting with others (connect to margart mead)
Gender Identity
- Physical and Biological make up, awareness of being male or female
Gender Role
- the standard of how a person of a given gender identity is expected to behave
Traditional Female Gender Role
women are cooperative, emotionally responsive
Traditional Male Gender Role
men are dominant, competitive, and emotionally reserved
Gender Stereotype
oversimplified prejudiced opinion about how men and women should act
Sandra Bem
people should take on more androgynous gender roles a flexible combo of traditionally male and female characteristics
One who breaks traditional gender stereotypes (eg. David Beckham, who is a fashion-conscious male)