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  1. St. Stephens day
  2. Decorum
  3. dottore
  4. miracle plays
  5. Torelli
  1. a learned person in commedia dell' arte
  2. b morality in a characters action is proceeded by age, status, and gender
  3. c december 26
  4. d plays about the life of saints
  5. e Italian architect who created the cahriot and pull systen petit bourbon

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  1. date of the onset of the reformation, martin luether 95 thesis
  2. foolish old man in commedia dell' arte, played masked
  3. India, Art of theatre
  4. oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  5. creation to doomsday subject matter from bible

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  1. KirimonoNoh plays about demon,five


  2. eastermost important day of the year in christianity


  3. BunrakuJapan, 3 pupetteers for one puppet accompanied by music


  4. 7 virtuestime, place, action


  5. 1246rebith of theatre