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  1. fuedalism
  2. Teatro Olympico
  3. capitano
  4. ecclesiastical
  5. 1264
  1. a vassals- subjects of the lord
  2. b oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  3. c papal decree establishing corpus christi
  4. d braggart soldier in commedia dell' arte
  5. e belonging to or involving the Christian Church or clergy

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  1. Noh plays about gods, first
  2. Noh plays about women, three
  3. Fall of constantinoble
  4. Noh plays about warriors,two
  5. incident where marys go to tomb where jesus was buried after good Friday

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  1. neoclassicismdrawn upon ancient times must have verisimilitude, didacticism, decorum, and the 3 unities


  2. miracle playsplays about the life of saints


  3. definition of cycle playscreation to doomsday subject ,atter from bible


  4. Kyogen48


  5. Nohfall of Rome