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  1. renaissance
  2. 476
  3. 1264
  4. Theatre du Marais
  5. neoclassicism
  1. a drawn upon ancient times must have verisimilitude, didacticism, decorum, and the 3 unities
  2. b 1644 burned and rebuilt, a raked stage
  3. c rebirth of the anciant world 476 AD
  4. d fall of Rome
  5. e papal decree establishing corpus christi

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  1. beauty strength discretion (be safe darnit!)
  2. willy and clever character, clowns or servants in commedia dell' arte
  3. remodled for chariot and pull by TORELLI used to be Palais cardinal
  4. move of the capital from Rome to constantinoble.
  5. rebith of theatre

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  1. definition of cycle playsFrench Scenes linking of scenes


  2. wakileast language, scenery costumes, and acrobatics for common people


  3. capitanobraggart soldier in commedia dell' arte


  4. Charlemagne768-814 ce tooke precedence over all secular princes


  5. Rhetoriclearned person in commedia dell' arte


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