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  1. salle du petit bourbon
  2. Kazuramono
  3. fuedalism
  4. 313
  5. miracle plays
  1. a Noh plays about women, three
  2. b plays about the life of saints
  3. c big hall in the louvre for the knig, converted to italian setting by TORELLI
  4. d move of the capital from Rome to constantinoble.
  5. e vassals- subjects of the lord

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  1. Manual for constructing thearical scenes and machines, 2 additional methods for changing sets
  2. built for cardinal Richelieu, spread italian influences in france
  3. december 26
  4. 2nd actor priest unmasked
  5. n-town, york, chester, wakefield (New York cheesecake wow!)

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  1. sabastiano serlio's Architecturaprimary source of info on greek and roman theatre building and staging practices no illustrations


  2. The pleiadeItalian architect who created the cahriot and pull systen petit bourbon


  3. wayang Kulit2nd actor priest unmasked


  4. neoclassicismdrawn upon ancient times must have verisimilitude, didacticism, decorum, and the 3 unities


  5. cycle playslead by pierre de ronsard, group of 7 french writers modled classical form