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  1. Vivtruvius's De Architectura
  2. Teatro Olympico
  3. confraternity of the passion
  4. Kirimono
  5. scop
  1. a primary source of info on greek and roman theatre building and staging practices no illustrations
  2. b had a monopoly of theatre production in paris, gave licensces to other confraternities to perform in paris
  3. c Noh plays about demon,five
  4. d oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  5. e a singer and teller of tales about the deeds of Teutonic Heros

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  1. musical portion of mass, established uniform practice, takes place outside
  2. neoclassicism, drama must teach morality, rewarded with virtue
  3. attractive young lovers in commedia dell' arte
  4. manor- large estate owner absolute power
  5. n-town, york, chester, wakefield (New York cheesecake wow!)

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  1. tsure3rd actor companion role


  2. Wakefield32


  3. cycle playscreation to doomsday subject ,atter from bible


  4. 1264Henry VIII breaks from the church of Rome


  5. salle du petit bourbonbig hall in the louvre for the knig, converted to italian setting by TORELLI


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