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  1. 1517
  2. Feast oh Holy Innocents
  3. renaissance
  4. Teatro Olympico
  5. Torelli
  1. a Italian architect who created the cahriot and pull systen petit bourbon
  2. b rebirth of the anciant world 476 AD
  3. c december 28
  4. d oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  5. e date of the onset of the reformation, martin luether 95 thesis

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  1. attractive young lovers in commedia dell' arte
  2. papal decree establishing corpus christi
  3. a singer and teller of tales about the deeds of Teutonic Heros
  4. rebith of theatre
  5. morality in a characters action is proceeded by age, status, and gender

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  1. eastermost important day of the year in christianity


  2. KamimonoNoh plays about gods, first


  3. ZatsuNoh plays about miscellaneous, four


  4. Rhetoricart of persuasion, must have heart


  5. Palais Royalbuilt for cardinal Richelieu, spread italian influences in france