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  1. Kamimono
  2. hotel de bourgogne
  3. didacticism
  4. capitano
  5. salle des machines
  1. a neoclassicism, drama must teach morality, rewarded with virtue
  2. b Noh plays about gods, first
  3. c braggart soldier in commedia dell' arte
  4. d paris, france. VIGARANI, replaced the petit bourbon open 1660
  5. e a public theatre in Paris built by the confraternity of the passion who put on mystery plays there

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  1. drawn upon ancient times must have verisimilitude, didacticism, decorum, and the 3 unities
  2. shadow puppet theatre in indoesia, dialogue and narration with music
  3. musical portion of mass, established uniform practice, takes place outside
  4. december 28
  5. smller room with four doors usually an interior

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  1. 1517Henry VIII breaks from the church of Rome


  2. BunrakuJapan, 3 pupetteers for one puppet accompanied by music


  3. Torelli48


  4. 3 unitescharity, hunility, patientce,chastity, industry, generosity, abstinence


  5. Zatsuwilly and clever character, clowns or servants in commedia dell' arte