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  1. Vivtruvius's De Architectura
  2. Kyogen
  3. manoralism
  4. Teatro Olympico
  5. Zanni
  1. a form of traditional japanese tehatre, developed alongside Noh, short farcical pieces used as interludes UP TO 3
  2. b willy and clever character, clowns or servants in commedia dell' arte
  3. c oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  4. d primary source of info on greek and roman theatre building and staging practices no illustrations
  5. e manor- large estate owner absolute power

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  1. attractive young lovers in commedia dell' arte
  2. 1644 burned and rebuilt, a raked stage
  3. lead by pierre de ronsard, group of 7 french writers modled classical form
  4. between different courses during banquet with secular and moral meaning
  5. a public theatre in Paris built by the confraternity of the passion who put on mystery plays there

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  1. 1517date of the onset of the reformation, martin luether 95 thesis


  2. ecclesiasticalbelonging to or involving the Christian Church or clergy


  3. wayang Kulit32


  4. St. Stephens daycharity, hunility, patientce,chastity, industry, generosity, abstinence


  5. Quem quaretisvassals- subjects of the lord