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Sociology-Chap1/Part 1

A science that studies human behavior in groups or settings
What does Sociolgoy do?
Allows us to understand how the world interconnects(analyze global networks) and it gives us greater insights and understanding of our community better
Micro and Macrosociology and Global Sociology are what?
The levels of Anaysis
the study of small groups (i.e girlscouts)
the study of large groups
Global Sociology?
the study of comparisons of the world
Looking at things in an new way is and all the events thats happening around you is...
Sociological Imagination by Wright Mills
Sociological Imagination is the intersection of...
History and Biology
When did Sociology start?
19th century (1800s)
Where did Sociology start?
France, England and Germany
Why did Sociology start in England, Germany and France?
Bc of a great social upheaval in Industrial Revolution (new jobs0, Rise of the scientific Revolution (questioning religion), and Democratic Revolution (wanting to know who and why are they kings)
Who are the first Sociologist?
Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber
Who is from France and the "father of sociology" and started..Positivism?
Auguste Comte
Applying scientific method to social world; we use science to explain the social world is...
Who is from England and called the "2nd father of Sociology" ; believes if you want something work and figure out how to get it; believes in higher and lower form of society?
Herbert Spencer
Herbert Spencer came up with..
"Survial of the Fittest"
Who is from Germany; the engine of change in class conflict; believed in Bourgeoisie vs Prolestriat (society of social classes)
Karl Marx
Karl Marx was the ...
"father of conflict theory"
Who was from France; studied how social forces affect social behavior; believes in Social Integration
Emile Durkheim
Emile Durkheim is the ...
"father of functionalism"
Social Integration?
Degree to which you feel you belong in a group (i.e sorority or football team)
Who believed that religion is the key to social change; his main idea was religion and the orgin of capitalism?
Max Weber
Who was a prolific writer; largely ignored; "the problem of color line and was the first african american to get a PH.D from Harvard?
W.E.B Dubois
Another name for functionalism and structural functionalism is...
functional anaylsis
examines small scale patterns of social interaction
examines large scale patterns of society
What are the Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology?
Structural Functionalism, Conflict theory and Symbolic Interaction
Structural functionalism Perpective
Society is made up of interrelated parts that work together to maintain a state of balance
Functionalism; three types..
Latent, Manifest and Dysfunctions
A function that is untended; secondary
to show, display; function that is intended
Messes up system; inbalanced
The two classes of society is...
Bourgeoisie (have) and Proletariat (have nots)
The means of production is what allows you to make..
Two female sociologist?
Jane Addams and Harriet Martineu
The bourgeoisie use their power to control the ...
institutions of society to their advantage
Symbolic Interaction...
Symbols (something that stands for something) - Significant symbols (shared meaning)- Reality (world)
Is Functionalism micro or macro?
Is Symbolic Interraction micro or macro?
An example of Macro is..
Conflict theory