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acquit (v)

1: relieve from an accusation; pronounce not guilty; discharge; excupate; exonerate 2: perform one's part; conduct oneself

acquittal (n)

exculpation; discharge

complex (adj)

having varied interrelated parts and therefore hard to understand; complicated; intricate

complexity (n)

difficulty; intricacy

consign (v)

give, transfer, or deliver, as if by signing over; hand over; commit

consignee (n)

person to whom something is shipped

effrontery (n)

shameless boldness; insolence; gall; temerity; nerve; chutzpah

excruciating (adj)

causing great pain or anguish; agonizing; unbearably painful

forbearance (n)

act of forbearing (refraining); abstaining; leniency; patience

hamper (v)

interfere with; hinder; impede

nettlesome (adj)

literally, full of nettles (plants with stinging hairs); irritating; causing annoyance or vexation

oblivious (adj)

(usually followed by of) forgetful; unmindful; not aware; unwitting

oblivion (n)

condition of being forgotten or unknown; forgetfullness

prodigious (adj)

extraordinary in amount or size; enormous; gigantic; huge; colossal

prodigy (n)

person of extraordinary talent or ability; wonder

rejuvenate (v)

make young or youthful again; give new vigor to; reinvigorate; refresh

residue (n)

whatever is left after a part is taken, disposed of, or gone; remainder; rest

residual (adj)

remaining after a part is used or taken

salutary (adj)

favorable to health; healthful; curative; beneficial; salubrious

scrutinize (v)

examine very closely; inspect; vet

scrutiny (n)

examination; inspection; review

supersede (v)

force out of use; displace; supplant; replace

sweltering (adj)

oppressively hot; torrid; sultry

swelter (v)

suffer from oppressive heat

unruffled (adj)

not upset or agitated; calm; cool; unflustered; imperturbable; collected

unwieldy (adj)

hard to wield (handle) because of size or weight; unmanageable; bulky; cumbersome

unwieldiness (n)


withdraw (v)

1: take back; remove 2: draw back; go away; retreat; leave

withdrawal (n)

1; taking back; removal 2: drawing back; retreat; departure

zany (adj)

having the characteristics of a clown; mildly insane; crazy; clownish; loony

zany (n)

clown; buffoon

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