25 terms


able, ible (Portable)
Capable of (adj.)
ac, ic (Cardiac)
Like, Pertaining to (adj.)
acious, icious (audacious)
full of (adj., n.)
al (final)
pertaining to (adj., n)
ant, ent (suppliant)
full of (adj., n)
ary (dictionary)
like, connected with (adj., n)
ate (consecrate)
to make (v)
ation (irritation)
that which is (n)
cy (democracy)
state of being (n)
eer, er, or (censor)
person who (n)
escent (pubescent)
becoming (adj)
fic (terrific)
making, doing (adj)
fy (magnify)
to make (v)
iferous (vociferous)
producing, bearing (adj)
il, ile (civil)
pertaining to, capable of (adj)
ism (monotheism)
docterine, belief (n)
ist (artist)
dealer, doer (n)
ity (annuity)
state of being (n)
ive (expensive)
like (adj)
ize, ise (victimize)
make (v)
oid (avoid)
resembling, like (adj)
ose (verbose)
full of (adj)
osis (neurosis)
condition (n)
ous (ludicrous)
full of (adj)
tude (fortitude)
state of (n)