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Tony is charming/popular, has been in trouble with the law and lies constantly:
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Major cause of personality disorders is:dysfunctional family relationships.Not an atypical antipsychotic:haloperidol.Amphetamine withdrawal symptoms:depression, vivid dreams, confusion.Pt says the voices are getting louder & telling her to walk in front of a big truck:implement suicide precautions to keep her safe.Characteristics of delirium:sudden onset, fluctuating mental status, tx focus on finding cause, can be caused by psychological stress.Pt says he often can't remember events while he was drinking:blackouts.Pt's with Alzheimer's disease:will have memory impairment particularly for recent events.Pseudodementia:depression in the elderly that looks like dementia.Pt with borderline personality disorder will:"act out" when feeling afraid or disrespected.Weak dopamine receptor antagonists:atypical antipsychotics.used to treat neg & pos symptoms of schizophrenia:atypical antipsychotics.Medication is effective treating auditory hallucinations:"I don't hear voices now!"Purpose of detoxification in substance abuse:slowly removing the substance from the body under medical supervision.English speaking pt says "no acu moona":neologism.Denial:"i can stop anytime I want, I just don't feel like it now."Best approach to gain info on pt's potential for suicide risk:"are you thinking of killing yourself now?"Codependent relationship for serious drinking problem:"i called his job & told them he was sick when he couldn't go to work."Pt has become more and more forgetful, worse past 15 years:alzheimer's disease.Can't be given if pt has alcohol intake in last 24 hours:disulfiram."That man on TV is the reason why I am sick.":delusion.Hallucinations occur without external stimulus:true.Actively suicidal pt:keep the pt in your line of vision at all times.Schizotypal personality disorder can be confused with:schizophrenia.Main cause for Alzheimer's disease:unknown at this time.Pt voluntarily commits for tx of drug abuse, says he only came b/c his boss was going to fire him:"what happened that your boss threatened to fire you?"Schizophrenia pt's most likely to demonstrate:concrete thinking.Schizophrenic pt is holding hands over ears & crying:make eye contact with pt & ask what is going on.Pt on Clozaril must monitor:white blood cell count.Pt is listening to someone but is alone in the room:hallucination.Suicide is most likely to occur:as the depression begins lifting.Alcohol withdrawal tends to develop:24 to 48 hours after last drink.Main mechanism used by pt with personality disorders:manipulation.Symptoms that appear in drug-induced Parkinsonism:shuffling gait, drooling, muscle rigidity, tremors, fatigue, masklike facial expression.Best describes schizotypal personality disorder:pervasive pattern of social & interpersonal deficits w/reduced capacity for close relationships.When discharging a pt on haloperidol (Haldol) instruct:to report any symptoms of tremors right away.Marijuana is a(n):cannabinol.Pt attempts suicide every 6-12 months b/c can't live alone, unable to see 2 side of a situation of individual:borderline personality disorder.Alternate name for sundowning:nocturnal delirium.Dilated pupils, elevated HR, extreme sensitivity to sounds, sense of being outside of his body, fine tremors of the hands:LSD.Alzheimer's pt becomes restless & can't follow directions while preparing for CT:take pt to a quiet waiting area until it is time for the CT scan.Difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer's:progression of symptoms is more variable than Alzheimer's.Alcohol is a(n):CNS depressant.When is schizophrenia most likely diagnosed:college age.There is generally some warning when someone commits suicide:true.Pharmacological tx of delirium uses what meds:antipsychotics.Activities for pt in moderate stage of Alzheimer's:playing a game of catch with a soft ball.Pt is on donepezil HCL, what is pt's disorder:dementia.Another term for codependency is:enabling.Male pt says that he has women "throwing themselves" at him everywhere he goes:narcissistic.Unlikely to be present with avoidant personality:very close relationships with family.What to do if pt is standing on 1 leg w/both arms extended:calmly acknowledge the position & ask the pt to stand on both legs.Pt is inebriated becomes louder & abusive while in ER:offer to take him to an exam room to wait for the doctor.Clozaril is effective for schizophrenic pt when:he no longer hears voices.Pt w/Alzheimer's is searching for mother who died many years ago:"let's go to the activity room & see what is going on."Pt w/delirium is awake most of night & becomes confused:keep a night light on in the room & turn off the TV.Pt's with antisocial personality disorder:generally must have immediate gratification.Characteristic of a paranoid delusion:suspicion and jealousy.Dementia pt's require:sameness & consistency in their lives.Most difficult task for pt's with personality disorders:getting along with others.Pt is responding to voices when alone & isolating himself in his room:psychosis.Prompts immediate attention during data collection:"when I get out of here I am going to overdose on my mother's medications."Do not teach this to a pt taking Clozaril:"you may begin driving immediately while taking this medication."Characteristics of schizophrenia:flat affect, autism, ambivalence, and loose associations.Treatment for pt with alcoholism is successful:"i realize that AA will always be a requirement. I am responsible for my own sobriety."Examples of EPS:muscle rigidity, tremors.Do not reinforce hallucinations, delusions, or illusions:when treating schizophrenic pt.Keep communication simple:when treating schizophrenic pt.Emphasize behavior that is appropriate to the situation:when treating schizophrenic pt.