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'Peace, Bread, Land'

How successfully did Lenin fulfill his promise of 'Peace, Bread, Land!'?
What was the ultimate purpose of the Decree on Land?
Private ownership was abolished
What did Lenin want to stop in 1917?
Russia's involvement in World War 1
What was the name of the treaty as a result of this and what was the date?
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, March 1918
Who wanted to stall the peace?
What happened as a result of Russia delaying the acceptance of the treaty?
Germany bombed Petrograd in February 1918
Which Bolshevik reform specifically targeted the wealthier class?
Land and money were controlled by the state
Which reforms had a specific impact on women?
Education, marriage and divorce laws
What happened to religion as a result to the Bolshevik reforms?
Freedom of religion
Why were kindergartens and creches established under the Bolshevik reforms?
So women could join the workforce
What did the reform regarding the calendar and alphabet involve?
Russian calendar was abolished