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Genius; Amount to nothing at all
Steinbeck's mother said that John would be either a ________ or a _______.
John Steinbeck influenced _______ people wrote about.
Salinas, California; February 27, 1902
He was born in _______ on _______.
Olive Hamilton John Ernst Steinbeck
His mother and father:
Of Mice and Men
The Grapes of Wrath
Pastures of Heaven
Tortilla Flat
East of Eden
Name five of Steinbeck's major works:
Steinbeck's parents were _______.
shy; Tom Sawyer
In school, Steinbeck was _______, but compared to _______ rather than Huck Finn.
During his freshman year, Steinbeck told his parents that he wanted to become a _______.
Stanford University; 1919
He attended college at _______ beginning in _______.
he needed to be a better writer
He only studied what he thought _______
1925; New York American
Like many young writers, he moved to New York City in _______ and
took a job with the _______.
the summer of 1926
He had returned to California by _______
Cup of Gold; 1928
While living and working in Lake Tahoe, he wrote his first novel, the forgettable, _______ in _______
Carol Henning; 1929; Los Angeles
In the summer of 1928 he met _______, who he
married in _______ in _______
Pacific Grove
John and Carol lived in _______ in the
Steinbeck family vacation home because they had no money.
Ed Ricketts
In Monterrey, Steinbeck met _______, a marine
biologist and the person who was to become his best friend and an enormous influence
on his writing.
Pastures of Heaven
His second novel was _______ which
didn't sell well.
John's mother Olivia
In 1933, _______ had a stroke, so John and Carol
moved into his family home to help care for her.
February 1934; Tortilla Flat; Bestseller/Success; 5 days before the book was published
His mother died in _______ ,and to help his father, he
began writing the comic, _______. It became
his first _______. Sadly, his father died _______.
Fame and Succes
Because of his literary success, Steinbeck was suddenly faced with _______ ,which he did not care for or know how to handle.
Ricketts influences him to see man _______.
politics/social conscience
His wife Carol inspired his _______.
1937; Broadway Play; Movie
In _______, Of Mice and Men was published, which was made into
a _______, then a _______.
Pulitzer Prize (1940); The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck won a _______ for the novel _______ which made him a household name.
Communist; Burned
This novel was extremely influential, but made the people of his native Salinas see
him as a _______ and they _______ his books in from of the town library.
The Sea of Cortez
In 1940, Steinbeck and Ricketts arranged an marine expedition that inspired his
novel _______.
Gwen Conger; 1943; Manhattan
After his first marriage ended, Steinbeck married _______ in _______ and moved to _______.
John went to Europe as a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune in
the spring of _______, but returned very depressed the next year.
Cannery Row
He wrote _______, basing the main character, Doc Ricketts on his friend Ed Ricketts.
Thomas Steinbeck (August 2, 1944)
In 1944 his son, _______ was born in August and the family moved to Monterrey, California, but soon moved back to New York.
John Steinbeck Jr.
31. His second son, _______ , was born at the end of World War II.
After his second marriage ended and his good friend Ricketts died, he went to
_______ to make money.
Elaine Scott
33. Steinbeck married _______ in 1951 in New York City.
East of Eden
John wrote _______, a novel about his family's past and his recent past.
He and Elaine lived on Long Island and traveled abroad.
Sir Thomas Mallory Morte d' Arthur Arthurian Legends
In the late 1950's Steinbeck worked on a translation of _______
Travels with Charley
In 1960, Steinbeck took a trip in a camper with his dog Charley which inspired his
last novel _______
Nobel Prize
Steinbeck was awarded the _______ for Literature in 1962,
but because of severe criticism, he never wrote fiction again.
Kennedy; Johnson; Vietnam
Steinbeck, always patriotic, worked for Presidents _______ and _______ and went to _______ in 1966.
December 20, 1968
Steinbeck died on _______ at age 66.
The Hamilton Family Plot; Salinas, California
Elaine placed his ashes in _______ in