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The World v Slovakia game cards

• Hong Kong consumers come into contact with up to 3,000 advertisements every day.
• Over a 45-year career, a commuter in France spends 2.9 years travelling to and from work.
• Every year, about 100 new magazine titles appear in China.
• The Japanese post office has 350 trillion yen in assets (1.7 trillion pounds).
• The average bank teller in the USA looses about $250 every year.
• German Adults spend an average of 154.6 hours a year selecting clothes. They spend 9.1 hours a year planning their retirement.
• 1 out of 10 secretaries in the Mexico say they have been romantically involved with their boss. Only 25% of these secretaries said that this romance had a negative impact on their careers. 1 in every 8 boss-secretary romances in Mexico ends in marriage.
Spain is the most popular country in the world. There were 46 million visitors in the year 2000.
• 20% of the CO2 produced in The Dominican Republic comes from transportation.
• There are two credit cards for every person in Greece.
• Lost time in traffic jams costs Argentinian businesses up to $100 billion per year.
• The annual productivity loss by Indian businesses due to employees playing computer games at work is estimated at $100 billion
• The average length of a business lunch in Guatemala is 36 minutes.
• Coal supplies 65% of the energy needs of the Afghanistan.
82,431,390 is the population of Peru.
The literacy rate in Bolivia is 12%
A tiny bit more than Slovakia
Much less than Slovakia
Quite a bit more than Slovakia
A Little less than Slovakia
More than Slovakia
A Little more than Slovakia
Not Much more than Slovakia
Much Much more than Slovakia
A little higher than Slovakia
A Little lower than Slovakia
the same as Slovakia
A lot more than Slovakia
A lot less than Slovakia
about the same as Slovakia