US History II - Chapter 26 !!!!

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The main cause of the change was the end of the Second WW in 1945.

Women started to work outside of the house as all the men were off to war. This was what got women into the working world. Also, women started to wear pants, at least in part because of their working. They also began to get short hair cuts.

People had more money than their parents had had..At least a part of this was the housing boom, caused by the big population increase and the gradual separation of living arrangements from extended to nuclear families.
Cars became common place, not just for the rich.
Communications improved. Most people could afford phones, radios and tvs.
Most families had a phone. Before the war, there was probably just one phone in the neighborhood.

Air travel began to make moving around faster, and so the world started to become "smaller."

The Boomer generation began. This just means that the guys coming home from the war had not been around to start families, and so a lot of babies were born during the fifties.

Music was influenced by the new affluence. Elvis started out during the fifties.

More women began seeking higher education.
People in general, started to become more able to access information from other cultures and places and started to become more outwardly interested in what other people were doing in other places.

Hollywood began to have a real power in the world, and many new 'stars were born." because people had money to go to the movies..

The generations became more independent, and the influence of extended families began to diminish.

A new affluence allowed more people to have more education that the previous generations.

Materialism began in a big way. People began to measure success much more in material terms that the earlier generations.

Dr. Spock became a great influence in child raising. This meant, in general, these parents were less strict with their children than previous generations had been.

Alcoholics Anonymous was started which began a huge trend in self-help endeavors. This was a great phenomenon, as before this alcoholics generally became street people abandoned by family and friends with no hope for a way out.