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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop (Level Orange - Unit 2)

Unit 2
(adj) coming each year; once a year; lasting a year
(The _____ class picnic is planned for the last week of the school year)
(n) a book or magazine that comes out once a year; a plant that lives or lasts for just one growing season
(One of my poems will appear in the 1998 poetry _____.)
SYNONYMS: (adj) yearly; (n) a yearbook
(adj) having to do with the main or starting point of something
(We understand the _____ idea of the game.)
(n, usually plural) key elements or parts
(I learned the _____ of addition in first grade.)
SYNONYMS: (adj) essential, primary, fundamental
(n) trying to outdo others; a game or contest
(I am planning to enter the kite-flying _____.)
SYNONYMS: a rivalry, match, test
ANTONYMS: cooperation
(n) an agreement or understanding that can be enforced by law; a documant that explains legal conditions
(Many people who buy computers also but a service _____.
(v) to make or grow smaller; to come down with, as a sickness
(Some soft woods _____ then they dry.)
SYNONYMS: (n) an arrangement, deal, pact; (v) to shrink; to catch, get
ANTONYMS: (v) to expand, enlarge
(v) to send away or permit to leave; to remove from a job; to stop thinking about
(Our teacher will not _____ the cloass until we are all quiet.
SYNONYMS: to reject, fire, drop, discharge
ANTONYMS: to hire, hold, consider, employ
(v) to hold back care or attention; to fail to follow through
(You won'y do well in school if you _____ your homework.)
(n) a steady lack of care, often because of carelessness or laziness
(Our rose garden suffers from _____.)
SYNONYMS: (v) ignore, disregard, overlook, forget; (n) inattention
ANTONYMS: (v) to pamper
(v) to get or gain through some effort
(Customers can _____ rare coins in that shop.)
SYNONYMS: to acquire, gather
ANTONYMS: to lose, forgo
(n) a section or piece; a part of the whole; a serving of food
(I'll have a small ____ of soup.)
SYNONYMS: a part, share, helping
ANTONYMS: a whole
(v) to bring back to mind; to remind one; to ask to return
(Photographs help us _____ highlight of our trip.)
(n) the ability or act of remembering
(He had no _____ at all of the story.)
SYONYMS: (v) to remember, resemble; to revoke; (n) a memory, recolletion
ANTONYMS: (v) to forget
(n) one who helps or takes responsibility for another person or group; a person or business that pays for an ad on radio or television
(A generous _____ paid for new uniforms for everyone in the band.)
(v) to act as a spomsor to a grouup, person, or event
(Many businesses _____ the Special Olyympics.)
SYNONYMS: (n) a supporter, backer, provider; (v) to support
(adj) not kindly or gentle; harsh-looking
(The officer gave them a _____ warning.)
(n) the back end of a boat
(You can climb the ladder in the _____.)
SYNONYMS: (adj) sharp, severe, firm, strict, grim; (n) the rear
ANTONYMS: ( adj) gentle, tender, kindly; (n) the bow
(adj) not used, filled, or lived in; without thought or expression
(This bus has no more _____ seats.)
SYNONYMS: empty, unused, available, ope; blank
ANTONYMS: full; occupied