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In which country does the Amazon River begin?
What strait is located between Spain and Morocco?
What Chilean province, famed for its great statues, is located over 2000 miles west of the South American coast?
Easter Island
What is the capital of El Salvador?
San Salvador
What is the English name that is equivalent to Pablo?
What Spanish- speaking country is located on the island of Hispaniola?
The Dominican Republic
Where will you usually find the primary cathedral in a town?
In the main square (en la plaza)
What is the northernmost Latin American country?
What is another name for the Rio Grande?
Rio Bravo
What South American country is famous for gauchos?
Which Caribbean island houses two nations, one French- speaking and one Spanish- speaking?
The population is greater in which country, Spain or Mexico?
What is the capital of Colombia?
What countries border Mexico?
United States, Guatemala, Belize
Where is the largest port in Spain?
How many Spanish- speaking countries are there in South America?
Name five of the seven independent states of Central America
Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
Which sea borders Spain to the south and east?
The Mediterranean
Who was the king of Spain after Franco's rule?
Juan Carlos de Borbon
From what Spanish- speaking area is Rita Moreno?
Puerto Rico
What is Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar's nickname?
El Cid
For which national league baseball team did Roberto Clemente play?
Pittsburgh Pirates
What was Francisco Goya's profession?
Who is the author of Don Quixote de la Mancha?
Miguel de Cervantes
What music instrument did Pablo Casals play?
Cello (el chelo)
Who was the dictator of Spain during WWII?
Francisco Franco
Who is one of the most important 20th century Spanish writers who was executed in the Spanish Civil War?
Federico Garcia Lorca
Who was Roberto Clemente?
Baseball player
What is the profession of El Cordobes?
What is a libreria?
Book store
Who was the Aztec emperor when Cortes conquered the empire?
Moctezuma II
What poems became the words to the song "Guantanamera?"
Versos Sencillos
What Mexican- American led migrant workers to better conditions through the United Farm Workers?
Cesar Chavez
What 16th-17th century dramatist is considered the father of Spanish theater?
Felix Lope de Vega
Which group sang with Tony Orlando?
What was the nationality of the poet Jose Marti?
What is the nationality of the famous 70's group "Menudo"?
Puerto Rican
What is the famous, unfinished church located in Barcelona?
La Sagrada Familia
What is Enrique Iglesias' nationality?
What Mexican general negotiated the surrender of Mexico in the Mexican- American War?
Lopez de Santa Anna
What was Julio Iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
A soccer player
How did Ritchie Valens die?
In a plane crash
What famous American film star made his second home in Durango, Mexico?
John Wayne
Name the musical instrument that Andres Segovia played
Who was the first Latin American woman poet to win the Nobel Prize?
Gabriela Mistral
What Spanish city is the site of Garcia Lorca's birth and death?
Who are Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltasar?
The Three Kings
What did they begin building in Mexico City in 1967 to improve the traffic situation?
The metro
Name Don Quixote's squire
Sancho Panza
La Mancha is home to what fictional character?
Don Quixote
On what side of the street do Spaniards drive?
Right side
What famous Puerto Rican woman played in West Side Story?
Rita Moreno
What famous painter was considered French and Spanish?
Pablo Picasso
Who did write Don Juan Tenorio?
Jose Zorrilla
Why do Spanish people eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve?
For good luck
What two animals appear on the Mexican flag?
Eagle and serpent
What Spanish conquistador built a palace in Cuernavaca, Mexico?
Hernan Cortes
What Spanish dictator is buried at the Valle de los Caidos Monument?
Francisco Franco
How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?
Who is considered the national hero of Spain?
El Cid- Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar
What was the name of the feathered- serpent Aztec god?
Who were the rulers who managed to expel the Moors from Spain?
Los Reyes Catolicos- Fernando and Isabel
Who was the Mexican leader at the Alamo?
Lopez de Santa Anna
Where did the Moors come from?
Northern Africa
Who led the northern revolutionary troops in the Mexican Civil War?
Pancho Villa
When would you be able to see a Passion Play in Mexico?
During Holy Week
What are the colors of the Argentine flag?
Light blue and white
Many Hispanic people celebrate this day in addition to their birthday
Saint's Day
When is La Noche Vieja?
New Year's Eve
What is Juanito the nickname for?
What does it mean when Hispanics tap their elbows with their hands?
Someone is stingy
What does the green stand for in the Mexican flag?
What would you buy in a panaderia?
This expression is used when someone sneezes
What are the afternoon discussions held in a house or salon?
What is depicted in "La danza de los viejitos"?
Old men
What do you call a soap opera in Spanish?
The Oscar awarded soundtrack "Al Otro Lado del Rio" is the sound track of which movie?
The Motorcycle Diaries
Who is the director of El Laberinto del fauno or Pan's Labyrinth?
Guillermo del Toro
Name the most successful and internationally known Spanish filmmaker
Pedro Almodovar
Who is the Nicaraguan writer known as the father of Modernism?
Ruben Dario
Who is the Spanish actress that played the role of Raimunda in Volver?
Penelope Cruz
Who was the Guatemalan woman that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992?
Rigoberta Menchu
The Argentinian doctor who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1970
Luis Federico Leloir
The Spanish physician considered one of the founders of modern neuroscience
Santiago Ramon y Cajal